Modern Family: 15 Perks of Parenting in 2016

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From CEO to potty trainer to party planner, today’s parent wears more hats than ever. While sometimes all the work makes you yearn for simpler times, you gotta admit with perks like 9 lb. strollers that fold into a backpack and groceries delivered right to your door, today’s mamas and papas are anything but nostalgic for the “good old days.” Read on for our top reasons parenting in 2016 rules.


photo: deveion acker via flickr

1. There’s an app for that. Modern parenthood is full of little luxuries from remote controlled crock pots to monitoring your baby without sneaking in the room.

2. Keyless entry: Perfect for when “the kids” lose your keys, you’ve got a backup plan.

3. Knowledge is power. You have a computer in your pocket so if you need to google “What is that crust on my baby’s head” at 2 a.m. no one needs to know but you.

4. You can be two places at once. Flexible schedules and working remotely means more and more working parents can be there for the all the sniffles, recitals and PTA meetings without sacrificing income. Also, sweatpants.

5. Apple, meet Liam. Traditional names are no longer the norm, especially among the celeb set (so if you want to stand out, go for Edward or Abigail).

6. Mighty moms. From share-care to clothing and equipment swaps to moms night out, mommy groups are in every neighborhood and community, promoting a culture of help and empowerment. Now way less judgey than ever before!

7. See that little box in the corner, Dad? Video-chat helps kids connect with long-distance relatives and Grandma and Grandpa get to “see” the kiddos more often. (And your little ones get to know Grandpa’s forehead, too).

8. Share and share alike. You can share photos with friends and family with a few taps, so no one misses out on those candid moments. Caution: oversharing inevitable.

9. Moving forward. You get to make history with your kids. Case in point: if your child is under the age of 8, they only know a world in which an African American can hold the highest office: US President.

10. From fingertips to doorstep. Forget takeout: you can have groceries, organic pre-prepped meals, and a new area rug delivered right to your door without so much as making a phone call. 

11. Girly is divine. With cool toys like Goldieblocks and organizations like Girls Who Code, both boys and girls are growing up in a world where gender equality is the norm.

12. Size totally matters. There’s a stroller that folds into a backpack. And it weights less than 10 lbs.

13. Sleep well, little ninja. Our kids have more activities to choose from, including soccer and swim for the 1-and-under crowd, LEGO engineering and coding via Minecraft. Bonus: all that fun can really tire them out, too.

14. Tag-alongs encouraged. It’s more common than ever to bring your kiddos to festivals, family-friendly brew pubs and wineries and even previously-off-limits resorts that offer luxe family suites with in-room amenities like baby gear.

15. You are never alone. We’re not talking about the kids busting into the bathroom every time you’re in there. Today’s parent can find a support online any time, day or night. Got a stubborn two-year-old who just dropped the f-bomb? Trust us, someone else has been there, done that, and blogged about it.

What do you think is the coolest perk of parenting in 2016? Leave us a comment below!

— Amber Guetebier