This Chatbot Will Teach You How to Be a Better Parent

Where do you get your parenting advice? Um, scratch that. Maybe the more appropriate question here is — what is a chatbot? ParentSpark is redefining what parenting advice looks like, and AI chatbots are it. So what does artificial intelligence have to do with what you do as a mama?

Let’s say you want some advice. Your kiddo won’t go to sleep, the littles refuse to stop fighting or you’re just plain at a loss when it comes to what to do to stop the tyrannical tantrums. Now what? Well, the startup LifeSpark created a chat or messenger bot, ParentSpark, that gives parents a personalized info and advice experience.


Instead of just handing out random bits of advice or making you feel like a parenting dummy (in the face of child development jargon), ParentSpark’s chatbot is like that totally non-judgmental mommy friend you’ve been dreaming of.

The chatbot uses engaging, interactive stories to help you understand and learn about parenting. This makes the experience real, and realistic too (at least, from a parenting advice perspective). If you’re kind of confused, feeling like this whole parenting thing is more than challenging or you just want some friendly advice, it looks like ParentSpark is an option to try.

What do you think about using a parenting chatbot? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

—Erica Loop



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