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How to Use the Tinybeans Memories App

Tinybeans is an easy to use family photo sharing app designed to help make parenting easier. Stay connected to your loved ones by sharing photos and videos privately with family and friends. Track your baby's milestones and development. Create
custom photo albums to preserve your memories for life. Unlimited. Private. Built to share.

Step 1: Capture Your Memories!

We know you are making new amazing memories each and every day with your own Tinybeans - simply capture them in photos or videos (up to 5 minutes long) with your phones camera.

How to use Tinybeans Family Album Step 1 Capture Memories
How to use Tinybeans Family Album Step 2 Download the App

Step 2: Download the Tinybeans App and Start Your Free Trial

The Tinybeans app is about more than amazing parenting content! Start your free trial and create unlimited family albums to share photos and videos privately with those who matter most. Tinybeans gives you unlimited photo storage, automatic friends and family notifications and free shipping on photobooks!

Step 3: Setup Your Family Album

One your start your trial you will be asked to input your children (and your furbabies if you want!) to start documenting their life stories. Expectant parents can even add due dates and document the pregnancy journey!

How to use Tinybeans Family Album app Step 3 Share with Family
How to Use Tinybeans Family Album Step 4 Share with Friends and Family

Step 4: Share Your Album with Friends and Family

Tinybeans is a great way to keep up to date with anyone from grandparents to that favorite aunt and uncle interested in your child's life and progress. As the account owner you can determine if each follower has access to add in their own memories, view milestones, and even add milestones of their own!

How to Use Tinybeans Step 5 Create Photobooks

Step 5: Create and print photo albums your family can enjoy for life

While you can always view your photos online and in the app, you can also easily create baby books and photo albums your family will love looking back on. They also make the best gift for mom, dad, and grandparents!

The best experience is on the app.

Point your camera at the QR code to download Tinybeans


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Discover ideas that are aspirational and actionable that you can do at home, in your city or wherever your adventures take you.

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Tinybeans uses your family’s interests, milestones, location and parenting goals to prescribe content that’s most valuable.

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Tinybeans uses your family’s interests, milestones, location and parenting goals to prescribe content that’s most valuable.​

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