9 Ways to Serve Up Pigs in a Blanket

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What do you think of when you hear Pigs in a Blanket? Depending on where you grew up (or when) it could mean sausages in pancakes, hot dogs in biscuits or even bacon wrapped sausages! Here are  variations that are sure to please the kiddos and are perfect fare for kid’s parties, picnics and lunchboxes alike. Read on for our faves.

photo: David Kessler via flickr

1. Classic Quick Pigs in a Blanket

This easy recipe requires just two ingredients (hot dogs and refrigerated dough) and only four steps. Click here to get the simple how-to. And if you’re feeling more ambitious, check out the recipe from Epicurious that includes making your own dough!

Variations on the Classic

2. Add a spoonful of chili to each center along with the hot dog for a mini chili-dog.

3. Add a slice of cheese or a teaspoon of shredded cheese to get the ooey-gooey feeling.

4. Use pepperoni and a little pizza sauce to make your own pizza rolls.

5. Sub a veggie sausage or veggie hot dog to make a vegetarian version.

photo: kae71463 via flickr 

6. Corn Dog Pigs in a Blanket
AKA a corn dog not on a stick! Perfect for snacks, lunches and picnics this variation on the pigs-in-a-blanket theme has us wanting more. Whip up a batch of megas (and sub in sausage if you prefer) or use mini-muffin tins to get bite-sized snacks to serve at your next kid’s birthday party. Click here to get the recipe.

photo: Bethany King via flickr 

7. Pancake Pigs in a Blanket
This version of pigs in a blanket requires only that you perfect your pancake skills a little so that you can get decent sized, well-cooked pancakes. Simply wrap the pancakes around some sausage and serve on a plate with maple syrup and, if you wish, powdered sugar.

8. Bacon Pigs in a Blanket
Same ideas as the above pigs, but instead of using sausage in your “blanket” use several slices of bacon. Works best if the bacon is a bit on the crispier side.

9. Pigs in a Pig
For die-hard meat lovers, use bacon as your blanket! Just wrap your favorite sausage in a slice of uncooked bacon and place in oven to let sizzle. For a scrumptious adaptation, try the brown sugar sprinkled version here.

Have you made pigs in a blanket before? Do you adapt the recipe at all? Tell us below!