Pink’s Daughter Willow Ran on Stage During Concert & The Moment Was Precious

Being a working mama isn’t easy, even when you’re a super-famous star who just so happens to be on a major world tour. When Pink’s daughter Willow ran on stage during a concert in Sydney, Australia what happened next was pure mama magic.

Tucking your kiddos into bed and giving them that precious goodnight kiss is a major part of being a mom. But sometimes work takes you away from these bedtime duties. During her Australian tour, Pink wasn’t exactly done ‘working’ in time to kiss her little girl goodnight.

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Even though Pink was mid-performance, singing her hit song “Raise Your Glass,” a pajama-clad Willow ran out onto stage to get her goodnight kiss from her mama. So what did Pink do? She did what any mother would—she gave her daughter a huge bear hug. Pink also gave Willow the chance to wave to the crowd.

This isn’t the first time that Willow has “crashed” one of her mom’s concerts. In July she also joined Pink on stage while in nearby Perth. No matter how hard she’s working, Pink is definitely rocking working mom life.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Pink via Instagram 



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