Pink Spills the Beans on Her Daughter’s “Annoying” Habit

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If you’re a fan of Pink, you know her powerful ballads can evoke a lot of emotions, and while the singer herself is admittedly a crier, it seems that Pink’s daughter Willow didn’t quite inherit her mom’s emotional side. And it annoys the singer to no end.

In a recent interview with Redbook, Pink spoke candidly about being a mom and some of the difficult things that come along with raising kids. While every mom adores their kids, there are at least a few habits that can drive you a little crazy. For Pink that habit is crying, or rather, the lack of crying that drives her bananas about her 6-year-old daughter Willow. “I am a total crier. I cry at commercials,” Pink admitted. Willow, on the other hand, doesn’t share her mom’s tearful habits.

“Willow won’t cry ever, and it annoys me to no end,” Pink explains. “I knew she was upset and she wouldn’t talk to me. I sat down on the pavement and I was like, ‘I’m not moving until you tell me about your feelings, because this is going to be a lifelong conversation for you and me and you have to learn to let me in.’” The response she received from her daughter was not quite what she expected, however. Instead of opening up, Willow said, “I promise to tell you more about my feelings if you promise to tell me less about yours.”

Needless to say Pink was a little thrown by her daughter’s response, but it made her think about how differently the two are when it comes to dealing with their feelings. “She processes differently than I do, and it’s teaching me a lot about how to deal with people. I process out loud. She does it inside and it scares me a little, but I have to let her go through her process.”

Regardless of how challenging it is, Pink wouldn’t change a thing about being a mom. The singer told Redbook, “I’ve never juggled so many damn plates in my life, but it’s because I want to. I enjoy it. If I had nannies raising my kids and just wanted to be a rock star and party all the time, I wouldn’t be successful and I wouldn’t be happy.”

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photos: Pink via Instagram


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