The Power of a Parent Believing in the Kid

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Fox’s new show “Pitch” premiering September 22nd follows Ginny Baker, making her Major League debut as a pitcher for the San Diego Padres. The world is watching Ginny, the first female athlete to play in the Major Leagues.

I loved this pilot episode. It was well acted, beautifully shot and inspiring. But what I was drawn to most was Ginny’s relationship with her dad. The father / daughter relationship is incredibly impactful in so many ways. While watching “Pitch,” I kept thinking about my dad and how I, like Ginny, was one of the lucky girls to have a father’s unwavering belief in her. A true belief that I was capable of anything, and that no goal or dream was unachievable because of my gender. When I was young I could have told my dad I wanted to be anything and his answer would have been, yes you can.  In fact it still is today. Even if I am the first female to ever do so.

So in some way I have always taken for granted that women can do anything a man can do. For me it should be a non-issue, and yet we live in a world where it is actually a big issue.

Now as a mother, with sons, a major priority in my parenting is to raise my boys to be feminists. I work hard to teach them about empathy and plan on sharing with them my experiences as a woman. But mostly, I need to be the example of what a women is for them. Even though they are toddlers I want them to know that while, yes, right now, most of my days are home with them, I also work just like their dad. And their dad also does laundry just like me. And as they grow, they will learn that I am educated, have traveled the world, have fought for social justice, have started different careers, my own business and that it was my choice to work from home when they were young.

As parents, we are forever imprinted on our children. How we raise them and what we show of ourselves to them is in-erasable. I love that there will be a show on television this fall that demonstrates the infallible belief that a man has in his daughter gifting her the instinct that she will do anything she wants to do.

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Kate DiRienzo-Payne
Tinybeans Voices Contributor

I am an East Coast girl living in sunny California.  My life took a 180 once I gave birth to twins. I have spent the last couple of years trying to navigate the waters of parent to twins without any lifevest.