10 Plants You Can Have Delivered for Mother’s Day


These plants for Mother’s Day delivery are perfect

Instead of your go-to Mother’s Day bouquet, give mom something that’ll last longer than a few days. And no, we’re not talking mugs or pictures. We’re talking plants for Mother’s Day delivery! Yes, a plant will give the house some life, and there are options out there for everyone from a beginning gardener to a plant lady pro. To help you decide which one is perfect for your mother figure, check out our curated list of plants for Mother’s Day delivery. We found everything from a lavender tree to a dragon plant, air plants, a maidenhair fern and more! There are options with different degrees of care, so even if the mom in your life doesn’t have the quintessential green thumb, she can still easily keep them looking their best. And bonus! Many of these come with pretty pots, so she won’t even need to repot them later. Take a look at all these stunning colors, too. See them all below. 

Lavender Tree


This herb tree will bring color and a wonderful scent into the house. Plus, you can use lavender in cooking, or in crafty things like soap, candles, essential oils and more. It’s easy to care for, just make sure it gets a sunny spot! Bloomscape Lavender Tree ($71.00—$75.00)—Buy Now!

Hoya Heart Plant

The Sill

How sweet is this little thing? It’s a pet-friendly plant, only needs to be water every two to three weeks, and it comes in an upcycled planter available in six colors. The Sill Hoya Heart Plant ($48.00)—Buy Now!

Dragon Plant 


From the unique planter to the fact that this plant only needs to be water when the soil is very dry, we are on board with gifting mom with this unique plant for Mother’s Day. Bouqs Margarita Dragon Plant ($59.00)—Buy Now!

Cactus Dish Garden


If there’s anything more lovely (or easier to care for) than a cactus and succulent garden, we haven’t found it. Choose from small or large. 1-800Flowers Cactus Dish Garden ($54.99+)—Buy Now!

Peace Lily


A classic air-purifying plant, the Peace Lily doesn’t take much but makes a statement. It’s a low-light plant and you’ll get the planter with your purchase. Peace Lily ($34.97)—Buy Now!

Mandevilla Red


For those wanting to take their outdoor space to the next level, may we suggest this Mandevilla from Bloomscape? You’ll bring tons of color to their day!  Bloomscape Mandevilla Red ($119.00)—Buy Now!

Maidenhair Fern


This fun fern is perfect for any mom figure in your life! We love that the pot has so much personality, too.  1-800Flowers Maidenhair Fern ($38.24)—Buy Now!

Air Plant Pack


These delicate plants are hardier than they look! Ideal for terrariums and fairy gardens, this variety pack will be a fun surprise. Etsy Air Plant Pack ($9.99+)—Buy Now!

Tradescantia Nanouk Lilac Plant


This stunner will bring color to your house! It’ll need lots of sunshine and watering every five days in the summer and every seven days in the winter. Etsy Tradescantia Nanouk Lilac Plant ($10.49+)—Buy Now!

DIY Succulent Terrarium Kit 

The Sill

You’ll get everything you need to create an incredible succulent terrarium with this kit from The Sill. DIY Succulent Terrarium Kit  ($90.00)—Buy Now!

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