5 Playground Safety Tips Every Watchful Parent Should Keep in Mind


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There’s nothing like taking your kids to the playground. Playgrounds play a big role in a child’s growth, both socially and physically. Many times, children get injured while playing and the adults need to be cautious and monitor the kids in the playground.

Although it can be hard to control every child at once, there are precautions which any parent can take to ensure their child’s safety. These five tips will give you an insight of playground rules to set with your child to avoid accidents.

Is the playground safe?

The condition of the playground determines the safety of the children. Before letting the children go out to play, make sure that you take a walk through the field. Look keenly for any debris like broken glass or sharp wood that could cause injury to the children while playing.

You should also ensure that the ground is soft and able to absorb shock in case the children fall while playing. Avoid hard, and rough surfaces like concrete as children are prone to tripping while playing. Check for any holes in the ground and cover them with sand or soil to prevent the children from fracturing their legs.

Which playground equipment is the right age for my child?

One of the reasons kids get injured is due to the use of improper equipment. Children under 6 years of age need equipment that is crafted for their development skills and size. In most cases, kids in this age bracket use plastic or plastic coated equipment to avoid any injury that may be caused by metallic objects.

As the equipment are set, ensure that the ground clearance is lower as compared to those used by kids of an older age. Equipment with a low ground clearance prevents any injury in case of an accidental fall when the children are climbing.

Choose age-appropriate playground equipment for children that is strong enough to hold their weight. While choosing plastic equipment, ensure that they can carry the weight of the kids to avoid breakage while playing.

If you find equipment that are already set on the playground, ensure that your children are comfortable playing on them. If you realize that your kid is afraid of heights or merry-go-rounds, do not insist on the child using the equipment. Many accidents occur out of fear and kids need to adjust to using the simple equipment before using those in amusement parks.

Is the playground equipment in good condition?

Before children can be allowed on the playground, an adult needs to check the kids play equipment to ensure that they are serviceable. Some of the areas to check are the moving parts and joints. Ensure that the moving parts are well greased for a smooth movement and to prevent breakdown during play.

Joints and any attachments should be checked for any flaws and lose nuts to prevent them from disengaging. Repairs should be done accordingly if any defects are detected on the kids play equipment before permitting the children to play on them.

Is my child dressed properly for play?

The kind of clothing worn during play plays a significant role in ensuring the kids’ safety on the playground. Before leaving for the playground, children should be dressed in clothing that will keep them comfortable and safe.

Since children are likely to get dirty on the playground, ensure they wear clothes which you do not care about getting dirty or torn. The clothes chosen for play should be well fighting to prevent the possibility of getting caught by moving equipment. Necklaces and neck scarfs should also be avoided as they may strangle the kids playing on the high equipment.

Kids shoes should be closed-toe sports shoes which can be tightly tied. These shoes have a rubber sole that prevents accidental slides and is comfortable to play in. Avoid plastic sandals that are slippery and make climbing difficult. Plastic shoes are also light and may not prevent feet injury when an object falls on the feet.

What are the official playground rules?

Young children are experimental and may want to try some games which they see other older children or adults do on the playground. Playground rules sign reminds the children of prohibited regions in the playground and the activities that are not allowed in those areas.

Playground safety rules for children should be carefully monitored by an adult to ensure that they adhere to them. Kids’ play equipment should also be marked with the appropriate age allowed to use them. Such signs prevent adults from forcing their children from using equipment that is not designated for their age.

As an adult, ensure you keep a close look at your children while they play to allow fast response in case of an accident.


Featured Photo Courtesy: Myles Tan via Unsplash



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