Polly Pocket Is Headed for Big Fun in This Exclusive Season 3 Trailer

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Are you an OG Polly Pocket fan? If you found yourself coveting those tiny compacts with bite-size dolls, chances are your little may also enjoy the rebooted cartoon version.

Polly and her friends are back for season three, Polly Pocket: Rainbow Funland Adventures. Premiering on Sept. 29 on Netflix, with additional episodes to follow in January, Polly, Lila and Shani are headed to Rainbow Funland! Ready for a never-before-seen trailer? Keep scrolling!

Just like in the first few seasons, Polly’s magic locket guarantees plenty of adventures! While you wait for season three to air, catch up on the first two on Netflix!

––Karly Wood

Feature photo: Courtesy of Netflix



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