10 Ways to Keep Cool This Weekend

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This weekend’s gonna be a scorcher. With temperatures hovering around 90 degrees, Portlanders are gearing up for a seriously sunny weekend. There’s nothing worse than a cranky kid on a hot day, so we’ve compiled some helpful tips on how to beat the heat with the kiddos to ensure that your family stays entertained, hydrated, and happy all weekend long. Whether it’s escaping to a park with a spray feature or racing for ice cream, we’ve got you covered!

1. Find relief from the summer heat underneath the shady shelter of towering moss-covered rocks at Oneonta Gorge. The kids will get to hike through the creek and even splash underneath a massive waterfall.

2. Or how about some indoor fun that’s air conditioned and always a hit with the kids? Hit the lanes at some of Portland’s bowling alleys and knock down a few pins.

3. Few things grant relief on a hot summer day like a spray park. Luckily, Portland not only boasts an impressive number of these cool watering holes, but there are tons of fountains, pools, and other swim spots to beat the summer heat.

4. Grab sweet and delicious berries by the handful at these u-pick farms around Portland. The kids will love munching on them and you’ve got fresh fruit in your house to enjoy all week long.

5. If water play is the cure for the summer heat but you’re worried about the kids being in the sun all day, visit this indoor water park that boasts everything from a wave pool to tube slides to a diving well.

6. What better way to ward off the summer swelter than a double scoop of everyone’s favorite frozen treat–Ice Cream! Here are 5 great spots to cool you off and tickle your little one’s taste buds. Or, try making your own at home with whatever flavor you can imagine.

7. When the playground is too hot, Indoor Play Parks are the way to go. No matter what neighborhood you’re in, this list will have somewhere for you to go where sunscreen is not required.

8. Stroll through forests of century-old trees and even explore an old mining camp at Opal Creek. The shady forest offers a cool retreat from the sun and gives your kids the chance to explore the outdoors. End your day with a dip in the refreshing swimming hole.

9. Maybe it’s time to escape altogether and head out to the beach for the weekend, where the temperatures will be at least 10 degrees cooler. Manzanita is a lesser-known seaside town, just 15 minutes from Cannon Beach. The weather will be lovely, but much cooler.

10. Sometimes staying indoors with the blinds shut and the AC cranked is the best way to stay cool. Gather up the construction paper, markers, and glue and make a crafty art project that the kids can proudly display on the fridge.

How are you planning to beat the heat this weekend? Do you have a favorite spot? Or indoor craft activity? Or a hidden shady get away? Let us know in the comment section below!

— Lauren Dupuis

photo courtesy of JefferyTurner