The Best Places to Romp, Stomp and Jump When the Rain Rolls In

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With fall comes rain, and that’s not a bad thing — apart from being necessary and keeping our city beautiful it provide hours of active fun for little ones! You and your kiddos don’t have to stay cooped up just because of a few little raindrops. Get ready to romp, jump and splash because we have rounded up some of the best places to turn puddles into water play when the rain clouds start to roll in.



photo: by Will Graham via Flickr

Oregon Zoo
Might as well have something to look at while you’re stomping through the rain. The Oregon Zoo’s animals just might celebrate with you by jumping in some puddles of their own. There’s also plenty of covered area when you’re ready for a dry spell. Check the website for admission fees.

Location: 4001 SW Canyon Rd.
Phone: 503-226-1561

Honeybee Hikes at Leach Botanical Garden
These cool guided hikes take place rain or shine, so put on your boots and make your way through Leach Botanical Garden. Ages 2-5 can enjoy exploring the garden with age-appropriate guided activities. $3 per child, babes in arms free.

Location: 6704 SE 122nd Ave.
Phone: 503-823-9503

Tiger-Oregon Zoo-brx0-flickr

photo: by brx0 via flickr

Ladybug Walks
Your preschooler can enjoy the best of the outdoors with staff from Portland Parks, mid-February through November. Ladybug Walks feature a different park to explore every week with plenty of fun places to stomp and splash when rain comes rolling in. So go a little or a lot. Stroller-friendly walks where noted. $4 per preschooler.



Director Park
Splash in the middle of the city! Director Park is made for wading and splashing, with a fountain providing the water in the summer, and the sky providing the rain the rest of the year. There’s an oversize chessboard on the ground, a covered terrace, and two Elephant Deli Locations nearby for a snack and a warm drink.

Location: 815 SW Park

Lan Su Chinese Garden
What better place to go stomp in the rain than a garden that’s designed for walking barefoot? Textured stones give a gentle massage to little feet (and big ones, too), with plenty of shelter as needed, beautiful views, and lots of koi to wave to. A stop at the teahouse for a hot drink and a snack will revive any enthusiasm that might be dampened by the weather. $9.50 adults, $7 6-18, 5 & under free.

Location: 239 NW Everett
Phone: 503-228-8131

Director Park Portland-brx0-flickr

photo: by brx0 via flickr

Portland Children’s Museum
The Outdoor Adventure area is ripe with opportunity for discovery, even in wet weather. It’s more than an acre of ADA-accessible outside play space, it offers a  toddler area for the little ones, a dig pit, outdoor sculpture, and a maze too. When you’re done splashing in the outdoor camping area, head inside to warm up, dry off, and of course, play a little bit more.

Location: 4015 SW Canyon Rd.
Phone: 503-223-6500

Westmoreland Park Nature Play Area
Have fun embracing the weather at this park that always puts nature first. When they’re done making makeshift shelters out of branches, they might like digging in the sand. During the summer, kids can pump water and create channels they can stomp and play in. Imagine what all they can create from the water falling from the sky?

Location: 7530 SE 22nd Ave.

Dawson Park
Universal access play means that everyone can participate in the fun. In hotter months, there’s a gentle splash pad, so the park is ready for wet kids. If the rain gets too intense, take shelter in the park’s gazebo, or at nearby kid-friendly Poa Cafe.

Location: N Stanton St & Williams Ave.
Online: portlandoregon.go

Check out some of our other favorite Portland parks that rule in the rain.


What are your favorite parks for puddle stomping? Let us know in the comments!

–Kelley Gardiner