It’s Reigning Cool Dads in Portland

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Portland is home to some very cool dads. One part hero and two parts role model, our cool dads are an impressive array of men living, working and raising their kids in this fair city. So what makes these guys cool? They love their partners, successfully maintain a work/life balance, and they bring their A-game to their jobs. Read on to discover cool dads who make our city more awesome.

Cat Daddy

Kenneth Cat Daddy Pogson, Founder, Voodoo Doughnuts

Cat Daddy is founder of the self-proclaimed coolest doughnut shop in the world and we couldn’t agree more. Cat Daddy has created an economy and jobs for over 100 people locally. On top of that, he’s a beach-going, fishing-enthusiast dad to a nine- and six-year-old. Cat Daddy is passionate about sweet treats in pink boxes and about having the whole family home for dinner together each night. Voodoo’s store number four was just announced – guess where? Denver! Those lucky nuggets get first dibs at Cat Daddy and his biz partner’s efforts to reach out beyond state lines in 2013. Keep on rockin’ at home and at work, Cat Daddy!

To all the Top Pops and Rad Dads out there in Portland, we salute you as well! Let us know who else we should add to our list in the comment section below. 

— Liz Overson