A Winter Resort Made for Pint-Sized Skiers

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Pizza, french fry, pizza, french fry. We’re not talking about junk food. We’ve been dreaming up a day on the slopes where parents get to have as much fun as the kids, where snowflakes glisten and children listen to hear shouts of, “Awesome!” and “Ya!” A place steeped in beauty, where people still practice the code, where the only lines are running through powder and there’s a chairlift made for tiny bodies. This place exists and the runs will advance your little snow bunny from pizza to french fry in no time. So bundle up those babies, grab a lunch tray (snowboard) or sticks (skis) and head to Hoodoo Ski Resort. Not really into the slopes but want to play in the snow? There’s an Autobahn for that.

Here’s the Thing
Okay, so it’s not Jackson Hole, but it is the perfect place for kids to have a really fun time experimenting with gravity. While it’s not a mountain and it does look like a molehill compared to the ring of mountains around it, it still has black diamond faces, a little back-country and sick drops. The view from the top is a stunning 360 of jagged peaks and frozen lakes. You’re going to love you some Oregon up there! From the top of the mountain, there’s an easy cat-track that even a first timer can make it down and comes right out onto the bunny slope.

A Truly Family-Friendly Resort
They say they’re family friendly and they mean it! Everyone is so nice. From the rental shop to the lifties, they’re friendly and watching out for kids and beginners. They’re making eye-contact, slowing the chair, making sure they’re okay getting on and off. The chair on the bunny slope is designed for small bodies and makes it possible for kids to get on and off without an adult. Families are everywhere and even the bros are sweeties on the hill. Also, it’s more affordable than other Oregon ski resorts and nobody’s even thinking about how cool their threads are. What Hoodoo lacks in lux is made up for in easy-goingness and good vibes.

Speaking of French Fries and Pizza
If your kid has never skied before, sign them up for a lesson. That way you can take some good runs and avoid a scene like this.

While you might be gliding down the hill, kids learning to ski are getting an epic workout. Pack a lunch and plenty of snacks to keep little bodies fueled all day. They do sell french fries and pizza downstairs in the lodge, but food is a little pricey and the portions are small. Also, most of the seating is upstairs and carrying an actual lunch tray while trying to get up steps in gear with a kid in ski boots is no small feat.

If you are still mystified by talk of pizza and french fries, lunch trays and sticks we found this helpful cheat sheet for learning ski-speak.

They Even Have a Bar
Of course there’s a little bar. It’s on the top floor and there are seats that look out onto the bunny slope. There’s even a pool table. Don’t expect to use it. It might be just for kids.

Here’s the Deal
With Hoodoo celebrating it’s 75th year, watch for giveaways and special offers. There’s a winter carnival on February 9th. Check out their website for lodging deals, ski packages and ski conditions. If you’re going to make it more than a one-day trip, you might like to stay at Belknap Hot Springs. Two-day tickets can be found at a discount on Liftopia. If you didn’t already know about Liftopia you’re going to love us for this!

If you skipped down to the bottom of this article without hitting the links above, go click ‘em. They’re too much fun to miss.

You might want to print these directions. Chains are often required at the pass.
Check conditions before you go. Have a blast!

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— Amber Dennis