Just Opened: Moberi’s New Brick and Mortar at PSU

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Fresh fruit smoothies and bikes go together like peanut butter and jelly, especially in two-wheel-loving Portland. Just opened near PSU, Moberi (you might know them as a cart) is bringing smoothies, acai bowls and a healthy dose of tasty goodness to Portland families at their first ever brick and mortar outpost. Read on to find out about this new hot spot and why you’ll need to stretch those biking legs before heading there.

Moberi by Ryan Carpenter

photo: Ryan Carpenter via Facebook

Moberi has two carts on Mississippi and on NW 23rd where you can get a smoothie or acai bowl with a side of exercise. Each location comes with a bike where you can power your own smoothie with your own leg power. This is a great hit for active kids who are able to bike, as you might imagine, as are the sweet and fruity healthy smoothies and blended bowls that result. Don’t worry — you’re never required to power your smoothie by bike, though it’s open as an option.

On May 20, 2016 Moberi celebrated the grand opening of their newest location and their first brick-and-mortar location, on the Portland State campus. And you can charge your phone at the bike station, too.

Moberi Lexi H Yelp

photo: Lexi H. via Yelp

The space, previously a dark and moody coffee shop, has gotten a bright and cheery makeover of white paint with pink, teal, and green accents. The bathroom has gotten a fresh coat of paint, but no other major updates, so no changing tables. Bunches of bananas line shelves along the wall behind the counter. For now, the usual cart menu of smoothies and bowls are available now. Elixirs, hot cereal and coffee should be coming soon to this location. For now, you can feel free to bring coffee from the cart across the street in when you come in for a breakfast bowl. In the cooler by the front counter, you’ll see other healthy drinks (think coconut water) displayed.

There is a step down from street level into the shop, so watch out if you’re coming with a stroller or mobility device. Otherwise, you should be able to maneuver a stroller around the small but roomy interior, with just four tables with chairs, and bench seating along one wall. Counter seating at stools along the street allow patrons to watch the world go by. For a dose of Vitamin D with your fruit and veggies, sit outside on the sidewalk.

Moberi outside Ryan Carpenter via Facebook

photo: Ryan Carpenter via Facebook

The current menu is short and — literally — sweet. Three of the four bowls all start with a blend acai base, and are topped with various tasty treats like the Yoda Bowl with granola, strawberry, banana, peanut butter, honey and cacao nibs. The Dragonbowl Z starts out with a tangy pitaya, pineapple, banana and apple juice base, topped with granola, fresh berries, banana, honey, coconut and goji berries. You could sell those to the kids based on the names alone! As for the smoothies, two are based on fruit, two on greens, two on protein, and two on “Superfoods,” like the Green Vibes: kale, almond butter, dates, matcha and almond milk.

Moberi Kelley Gardiner

photo: Kelley Gardiner

The next time you’re on campus, or headed to the farmer’s market at the park blocks, don’t forget about this little smoothie shop for fruity fun, easy-to-drink greens, or on-the-go protein.

1876 SW 5th Ave
Portland, Or
Online: moberiblends.com

Have you been to Moberi? What’s your favorite blend?

—Kelley Gardiner