Unwrapping OMSI’s Newest Exhibit “Mummies of the World”

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Mummies of the World Day 2

The prospect of an outing to see a mummy might make you feel a bit well, unraveled. But, OMSI’s new exhibit “Mummies of the World” is the real deal and anything but the scary mummies you see in the movies. OMSI once again impresses with their family-friendly collection of non-scary human and animal mummies and related artifacts that date back as far back as 6,500 years. So, if your kids think you’re old because you didn’t grown up with an iPad, make yourself look young amongst these ancient artifacts.

Mummy Dearest
Sure, the mummies are on display, but the exhibit does a great job of demonstrating to our kids that the mummies are (errr…were) real people, which means they deserve the utmost dignity and respect. The exhibition explains what a mummy is, how mummification occurs both through intentional and natural processes, and that mummies are found in bogs, caves, cellars, deserts and environments all over the globe. When exploring the interactive exhibit expect low light and volume, which is downright soothing after the din of the other rooms at OMSI.


Are you my Mummy?
Kids have a natural curiosity, which is why science (and this exhibit) is so fascinating for them. Let their curiosity loose and take advantage of the interactive nature of the exhibit where your kids can actually feel the different textures of the mummies. Some are rubbery, while other feel more like hard leather.


What We Love: Conversation with the Kiddos
The exhibit is sure to incite lots of questions from your kids. Be prepared. You might get some questions about the afterlife or, how scientists know if it’s a man or a woman (let’s just say that your kids will be able to tell with some of the displays). For those with littles, you might want to avoid the baby mummies, which could potentially upset the toddler set.


Unwrap the Secret
The main message of the exhibit is that mummies provide clues into ancient civilizaitons. Using modern scientific sleuthing tools such as CT, MRI, DNA and radio carbon dating, researchers have discovered amazing clues to the past through the mummies: how tall people were, how long they lived, what kinds of food they ate and what diseases they suffered from.

Hours: Sunday – Thursday, 9:30am to 7:00pm; Friday – Saturday, 9:30 am to 9:00pm.

Ticket Prices: Adult: $21/Member: $14; Senior (63+): $19/Member: $14; Student with ID: $19; Youth (3-13): $13/Member: $10; Prices include admission to the museum.

Mummies of the World is on display through Sept. 8, 2013.

Online: Omsi.edu

Written by: Cathie Ericson

Photo one by Darryl Moran; photos two and three by Cathie Ericson, and photo 4 by American Exhibitions, Inc.