8 Portland Mompreneurs We Love

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From personal organizing to public relations careers, these Portland mamas prove that although running a business and raising kids is no easy feat, it’s totally worth it. We asked these eight enterprising entrepreneurs eight questions and got nothing but inspirational answers back. Click through our album to meet these fascinating women.

Katie Briggs: Happiness By the Jar

Share with us a little about your family.

I’m married to a lovely Englishman, named Mark. We have two kids, Rhiannon (12) and Trevor (10).

What neighborhood/suburb do you live in?

We live in South Beaverton.

Please give a description of your job/business … as you would describe it to a friend.

Happiness by the Jar features homemade, natural products sold in mason jars. The tag line is “Stuff that makes you feel good inside and out” because the goodies are edible/food products as well as pampering/fun/household items. Happiness can be purchased through my web site, via subscription, and through a few Portland-area retailers.

How long have you had this position, and what did you do previously?

Happiness by the Jar has been an official business (LLC) for two years now. Prior to starting the business, I was working as a pediatric physical therapist.

Please describe one personal accomplishment that you are proud of.

Getting my black belt in Tae Kwon Do a few years ago was a huge deal. Having to spar (not my favorite part of TKD) other candidates in front of judges was nerve-wracking, and I was not very confident that I would get all the board-breaks, but I got out there and did what needed to be done. It felt great!

Please describe one professional accomplishment that you are proud of.

A recent professional accomplishment I am proud of is having my goodies put on the shelves at Beaverton Florists. It feels great knowing that such a well-known local establishment is supporting my biz. Generally speaking though, my proudest work-related accomplishment is putting myself out there and doing the whole “entrepreneur thing.” Taking the leap to go out on your own is scary, and I’m proud to have done so.

What is your favorite thing(s) to do with your kid(s)?

We love to play board games (new favorites are Ticket to Ride and Killer Bunnies), watch soccer (the kids’ teams, the Timbers, and the Thorns), travel…the list goes on. We’re always wanting to try new things. Last Spring Break, the kids and I taught ourselves to skateboard (sort-of!).

Any tips on work/life balance. (In other words, how do you DO it?)

My biggest tip is to work hard on getting work done when the kids aren’t around. Then, when they are around, put work aside and focus on them. Not only will you be more productive this way, but, more importantly, you will feel less stressed about trying to divide your attention and everyone will be happier because of it. (Life is SO much better when I follow my own advice on this!)

Happiness by the Jar, LLC
Online: happinessbythejar.com

Who’s your favorite momtrepreneur?  Let us know in the comments below!

–Suzie Ridgway

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