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Put your nerd glasses on and prepare for lift off, the sci-fi fans in your family are about to have their dreams come true as the Robot Revolution exhibit takes OMSI by storm. On March 17 your little scientist will have the opportunity to explore how robots may someday be our companions and colleagues and changing how we play, live and work together. You’ll get to interact with robots, attempt to control them and even try your hand at creating one. Read on for all the fantastic details.

photo: courtesy of OMSI

The Exhibit
Created by the Museum of Science and Industry in collaboration with a renowned group of robotics experts, the Robot Revolutions exhibit ignites imaginations with leading-edge robots from some of the most innovative global robotics companies and universities. This show is the real deal! Your kids will get to interact with robots like the one’s only seen on the big screen. You will be shouting, “beam me up!” as you explore a world where robots do more than spin in circles and vacuum your floors. They are a vital, interactive asset in this unique reality.

Some of the robots your family can meet includeYume Robo, the climbing robot that traverses up and down a ladder, to the Recon Scout® Throwbot® XT that can be thrown into a dangerous situation to collect vital information. Jaws will drop, minds will open, and imaginations will expand before the day is done.

Featured Areas

Robot Revolution has four areas of interest for your family to explore. The include a variety of aspects of robotics and provide hands-on activities for the curious as well as dynamic videos and plenty to see.

photo: courtesy of OMSI

In this area, visitors discover how engineering breakthroughs resulted in robots that work cooperatively with humans to improve our lives. EMYS uses advanced facial-coding technology to mimic your facial expressions, PARO, the furry baby seal therapy robot, has sensors that respond to touch, and you can try your hand at a surgical training simulation and see what it’s like to performa robotic surgery. This area alone, will captivate your whole family and give you a glimpse into the present and future of robotics.

Here you will get a sense of how machines are able to predict, plan and act. That’s right, robots learn! ROBOTIS-OP can follow your face and make eye contact using its visual tracking software while UR5, a robot arm, conceals an extraordinary ability to learn. There’s no writing code here. Simply move the arm and you will teach the robot to repeat  the movement.

You may think you already know what robots are capable, but you are about to have your mind blown. This area will demonstrate the skills robots currently possess that mimic and even surpass human capabilities. The kids will kill lots of time experimenting with advanced robot grippers that allow them to select and pick up objects. The Fanuc delta robot can even select and sort items with a surprising amount of speed and accuracy. Feel like playing a game? The Yaskwawa/Motoman dual-arm robot would be happy to challenge you to a game of 21, while Baxter, a robot that is designed to work alongside humans can play you and a friend in simultaneous games of tic-tac-toe.

photo: courtesy of OMSI

You know robots can move, but did you know they can offer people access to places we can’t go ourselves? You’ll have a chance to test ROBOTIS-MINI’s ability to put one foot in front of the other and control its balance. and THES is a snake-like robot that can crawl through pipes and find leaks or other issues that people can’t see.

Members of your family will even get a chance to build their own robot out of Cubelets.

You’ll want to set aside a good portion of your day for this incredible exhibit. There’s so much to do and your little geeks will be talking about it for months! Perhapse they’ll even be inspired to apply more effort and time into their science and math studies.

Robot Revolution will be at OMSI from Mar. 17-Sept. 3.
Tickets include general museum admission: $19.75/Adult, $13.50/youth (ages 3-13, $15.75/Senior
OMSI Members: $5/adults, $3.25/youth, and $4.25/seniors

1945 SE Water Ave. Portland

Has your family been to OMSI? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

—Annette Benedetti


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