On Your Mark: Summer Track Meets for Little Athletes

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Portland is rich with family-friendly traditions and we are also ground zero for a love of running and track events. Combine the two and you have our fantastic Summer All-Comer Track Meets. These summer track meets are non-competitive, bring-the-whole-family events. With strong emphasis on participation and enjoyment, not splits or technique, they are run, jumped, thrown and attended each June and July by over 2000 people with feet!

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The Summer All-Comer Meets are a joint venture of Foot Traffic, Portland Parks & Rec and the local high school where they are held (for 2013 it is Franklin High School in SE Portland). The goal is to introduce kiddos of all ages to the awesomeness of track and field. This is everyone’s time to try!

Off and Running
The first run of each event is for under 10-year-olds and is only 60 meters. Even little toddlers aged 2+ (and their parents) can get out there and motor along.  And they do. Talk about smile-inducing! Field events also begin at this time and include the high jump, long jump, shot-put, and softball throw. Awesome!

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Next up is an all ages 100 meter dash, then a predict mile and a 400 meter (one lap) – also all ages.  For the fifteens and under, there is an 800-meter or half miler right in the middle of the lineup.  If you have any juice left in your legs, jump in for the all ages 200 or 4×100 family relay!

All of the events are fantastic to watch or join. The organizers charge a small fee of $4 per adult and $2 per kidlet and ask that you bring small bills. This year all events are on Tuesday evenings at Franklin High School, since Grant’s track is getting resurfaced, beginning at 6:00 pm.

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In the Running
Summer All-Comer Meets are on a rolling start, so here is a sample of how the evenings unfold:

6:00 pm-7:30 pm: All field events start 
(high jump, long jump, softball throw, shot-put)
6:00pm: 60 meter dash (Ages 10 and under ONLY)
6:20pm: 100 meter dash (all ages)
6:40pm: Predict mile (ALL AGES!)
7:00pm: 400 meters (all ages)
7:10pm: 800 meters (15 and under for first session)
7:20pm: 200 meters (ALL AGES!)
7:30pm: 4×100 family relay (ALL AGES!)

The events are June 18, 25, July 2 and July 9 at Franklin High School, at the foot of gorgeous Mt Tabor and right next to Clinton City Park. Seems like the perfect spot to go early for a picnic and fuel up before a good ole-fashioned sweat.

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Up and Running
With our amazing summer evenings ahead, we know we will have lots of warm sun and long light. How about this active and exciting way to share time with your little athletes and literally run in circles together? Get your sneakers, grab you kiddos and make tracks to one of Portland’s beloved summer events for families.

Summer All-Comer Track Meets will be held Tuesdays at 6:00 pm on June 18 & 25 and July 2 & 9 for $2 per kidlet and $4 per adult at:

Franklin High School
5405 SE Woodward St
Portland, Or 97206

Questions about the Summer All-Comer Meet schedule should be directed to:

Foot Traffic
4040 NE Fremont
Portland, Or  97212

What event will your little track star be competing in?

–Liz Overson

Thank you for the photos Foot Traffic and writermommusings!