The First Ever Outdoor Exhibit at the Portland Children's Museum

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“Go outside and play!” While this was a phrase you may have heard often (way too often) in your childhood, modern city parenting rarely includes this particular command. For kiddos who know more about the city bus schedule than mud pie construction, The Portland Children’s Museum is thrilled to offer Zany Maze, the labyrinth adventure (and the first ever outdoor exhibit at this family-favorite museum) that’s the ultimate backyard, magical treehouse and giant park all in one.

The big idea behind this grand invention is as simple as it is important: to get kids outside, feeling free and having a good time. Winding hedges are just tall enough to allow small adventurers to feel well-hidden, while wee, wandering heads remain visible to watchful parents. The centerpiece of Zany Maze is the whimsical Music Tree, decorated with chimes and bells that catch that bring the singing voice of the breeze to life. An ever-evolving space, the museum intends to expand the space 46,000 square feet over the next year and a half; each exciting visit will bring something new for little ones with big imaginations to enjoy and you may find your labrinyth lovers asking to go every weekend. The great news then is that this exhibit, made possible through the generous donations of Cindy and Duncan Campbell, will be open to all members of the public during Museum hours, free of charge.

Zany Maze opens its hedges April 20, 2011. For additional information and more on other fantastic museum exhibits, read on here. The Portland Children’s Museum is located in Washington Park across from the Oregon Zoo.

4015 Southwest Canyon Road
Portland, Or

–Genna McGahee