You Have Permission to Act Like a Total Pig Today

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March 1 is National Pig Day! This misunderstood and totally underrated animal is kind, messy and pretty smart. (We know, that kinda describes our kids.) Which is why today, we think it’s the perfect day to go ahead and act like a total pig. Scroll down for eight ways to make it happen.

pigs-cute piglets

1. Eat slop. Gross, right? Try just mixing 2 foods. Like corn and potatoes. Pigs are omnivores so you can remind your little swines to graze gracefully and eat their veggies and their proteins.  And we hate to say it but we think it’s the perfect excuse to make a version of Pigs in a Blanket to dine on. But you could totally sub veggie-dogs here if eating pork just feels wrong today. 

Welcome Baby Pigs into the Worldphoto: Washington State Fair via Yelp 

2. Nest. We tend to think of pigs living in filth (which is technically true) but really they like to feel cozy. They are very social and love to cuddle (and they love their mommies!) So instead of making a nest of straw and mud just put a pile of blankets on the floor and snuggle in. The messier the pile the better.

piglet winnie the poohphoto: Eva via flickr

3. Read up on “some pigs!”From Wilbur to Piglet, here are our favorite storybook porkers. Grab a good book and cuddle up in your nest to read!

4. Speak in tongues. The language of middle-school kids since the dawn of time can be yours if you’ll only just lickcay erehay.


5. Sniff stuff. Pigs actually have a very acute sense of smell and use this to help them forage for food and help humans forage too (like the elusive truffle). Try some sensory scent play with your piglets to help make the connection.

6. Share and share alike. Pigs are actually non-aggressive animals and like communal living. So stop yelling at your brother and start sharing toys, kiddos! Be like the peaceful pig.

Down on the FarmPhoto:

7. Wear pink. Got a pink t-shirt or something of the salmon hue? Today is the day to sport it. Bonus points if you can fashion a curly tail out of a pink pipe cleaner!

8. Be smart. Pigs are considered extremely intelligent animals. In fact, they show reason and decision making skills that rival that of a three-year-old human, plus they can actually outsmart dogs. Boost your wee ones brain power with 12 fun math games you can play today.

What do you love about pigs (or acting like one)? Share your ideas with us in the comments below. 

—Amber Guetebier