80% of Parents Believe Their Kids Are Proud of Themselves, According to Study

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How do you help your kids develop a sense of pride in themselves? Parents might have different ideas of how to build self-confidence, but according to a recent survey 80 percent believe their kids are proud of who they are.

Kiddie Academy, a system of  early education and child care centers, recently surveyed parents on their kids’ sense of pride and what it takes to build self-confidence in kids. The survey which included 1,000 participants, both moms and dads, found that the majority of parents at 81 percent said they were proactively raising their kids to help build self-confidence.

photo: Nappy via Pexels

For 59 percent of parents pride was defined as having self-confidence and self respect, while 18 percent said it meant feeling satisfaction from your own achievements. Fifty-five percent of parents said they showed their kids they were proud of them through physical affection, like hugs and high-fives, while 38 percent showed their pride with words.

The survey also asked parents what they thought was the best way encourage kids to take pride in their work. The answers included open and honest discussion (33 percent), verbal praise (26 percent), naturally modeling parental behaviors (20 percent), displaying kids school and artwork (14.9 percent) and physical rewards, like money and presents (5.5 percent).

Last, but not least was the million dollar question: are you comfortable encouraging your child in something regardless of the social norms? A whopping 93.7 percent said yes.

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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