Prince William & Kate Middleton Have a Big Secret They Keep from Prince George

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The oldest child of Prince William and Kate Middleton just turned 5 years old—and while the whole world has their eyes on this little royal, his parents have decided to shelter him from the truth about his future. Little Prince George doesn’t know he’ll be king of the United Kingdom some day.

According to Catherine Mayer, author of Charles: The Heart of a King the royal couple has decided to delay telling their young prince about his future monarch status. “With George they are trying to delay that moment of realization and give him normality before they thrust this on him,” she told E! News.

The reason for keeping this big secret from their young son is simple. They want him to grow up as normal as possible. William’s own childhood experience is part of the reason why the couple has decided to go this route. Even as a young kid, William felt the pressures of his future role and he doesn’t want the same experience for his son.

Of course the couple realizes they can’t keep George in a bubble forever. Growing up in the public eye is already a different experience than most kids will face and in the digital age, it won’t be long until George begins to navigate the world on his own.

“It will be, nevertheless, part of his upbringing both in terms of what he sees his parents and grandparents doing and probably quite soon a beginning of an understanding that he is in public life and what that means,” Mayer said.

Still it’s completely understandable to want to keep your kids young and innocent as long as possible, especially in today’s fast-paced, grow-up-too-fast world.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Kensington Royal via Instagram


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