Matilda Jane Clothing is a boutique brand of clothing featuring styles for baby, girls, tween, teen, and women, with new releases each month. Sizes range from newborn to size 16 for baby/girl and sizes XS-XXL for women.

What makes Matilda Jane Clothing special? It’s all in the details… the twirl of a dress, the sparkle of a button, the ribbon on a dress, the unique patterns in the fabric, the longevity of a piece. Our clothing grows with your child, going from dress to tunic to top!

This month, our holiday collection has arrived, with clothing as well as fun holiday gifts! Choose from coffee mugs, wine tumblers, tea towels, dolls, doll clothes, hair accessories, and more. Mix ‘n match to make the perfect gift for someone special whether it’s your little one, friend, grandma, teacher, or neighbor!

-from Nicole Ervin, Matilda Jane Clothing

Tired of stepping on all those little legos? Swoop Bags to the rescue! Swoop Bags are durable, modern, toy storage bags that make cleaning and organizing all those toys simple, fast and fun! Ideal for small toys like LEGO, toy cars, trains, blocks, stuffed animals and anything else you can “Swoop-up!” Swoop Bags come in a variety of colors and they are stylish enough to stash in any room of the house. Available in Large, Medium and Mini sizes. Made in USA – Seattle. 

-from Sarah Kirk, Swoop Bags

Window Replacement Lockport IL

​When families of Illinois need superior window replacement or installation at an affordable price, they call us first.

As Lockports premier professional installer of energy efficient windows that simply look stunning, we have what it takes to get your windows done right at a price that works.​

When it comes to home improvements, we know how important it is to find a contractor you can trust.

You need someone with experience.

You need someone licensed and insured.

You need someone with superior customer service.

You need someone who cares about your property as much as you do.

You need pros like us.

-from Kevin Smith, Lockport Window Replacement
701 E Division St
Lockport, IL, IL 60441
Phone: 815-201-8200

Do your kids create lots of art? Overwhelmed? So what do parents do with it all?

Artimus Art, launched in 2008 turns kids artwork into an archival book showcasing years worth of artwork. Art is an important tool for self expression and by transforming it into a keepsake, you create an archive of your child’s creativity. Declutter your home while saving the meaningful pieces….the ones that bring you joy.

For a child, a book of their artwork offers a true sense of accomplishment that their masterpieces are published. They will be so excited to show off their own book to everyone with pride. It’s a confidence builder for kids and a great solution for parents #nomoreguilt. #Think Tidy!

  • A $30 deposit gets you started: Artimus Art  sends you an art collection box with return shipping label to make it easy.
  • We turn the artwork into a professional digital file and upload it to an online gallery.
  • Build your book in 5 easy steps and create a special dedication that includes a photo.
  • Add captions and design your own cover
  • All the art it turned into a gorgeous hard cover book

Visit us at

Dana Hostage, Founder

-from Dana Hostage, Artimus Art
Phone: 978-325-3800

My team of Nurses (RN) and newborn care experts provide nurturing overnight care to newborns, and postpartum education to their parents. We started in 2010 and ever since then have supported new parents with their twins, triplets and signle babies just home from the hospital.

Our Nurses teach nannies, doulas and expecting parents everthing about safe sleep, feeding, soothing, infant care and how to get baby on a schedule. What makes us different is that we have the highest level of vetting in the field; requiring ALL vaccinations, sparkling references and experience. Because our team is comprised of experts-only, we often contribute to local and national media.

Most of all, we adore our families and are working to make change for birthing mothers, partners and babies.

-from Erin Thomas Walker, Let Mommy Sleep Chicago
Phone: 312.771.8591

As a mom raising three daughters, I believe strongly that they can do anything, be anything, and like anything.  Clothes are expressions of who we are, and so it is important that there are clothes out there for all girls. Makoshey (pronounced Mak-O-shay) is a clothing brand that makes clothes for active, independent girls ages 6-14 looking for a break from the trends of tight, short, pink, and sparkly.
Our t-shirts have unique and empowering designs and a super-soft feel.  We have three categories of tees: sports, power words, and inspiring quotes from historical women.  We are proud to print all our shirts right here in Chicago. Makoshey is continually adding more awesome designs and we will soon launch our first line of terry shorts, which have a longer fit and great pockets so girls can feel confident and be themselves.

-from Kristen, Makoshey

“ The cutest and most resistant washable name labels.

Our vision
is a world in which kids no longer lose anything, but rather gain everything—including the right to a clean bill of health no matter whom they play with.

Our mission
is to serve fellow parents and caregivers worldwide as day-savers; saving kids from the accidental sharing of bacteria-spreading items and saving money by putting an end to lost clothing and possessions.

Our values are:
– High quality, matching your little ones on the scale of perfection. We make our own products ourselves, guaranteeing hundreds of possible combinations regarding colors, icons, and more. They’re functional enough to pass your test and fun enough to pass your kids’ test.

– Parental-grade customer service. We devote to you the same patience and care we devote to our children. Hence the benefit of being parent-run—our eyes, ears, and hearts are open to suggestions from you to keep StickerKid the ultimate day-saver.

– Dedication to our communities and important causes through our fundraising program, because we believe raising children to be outstanding adults, takes a village. As that metaphorical village, we have a responsibility to our own children, but also to yours.


-from Marius & Lulu,
Phone: 305-901-1460

Welcome to Rashti & Rashti, where we believe in celebrating the magic of childhood. Our brands stay with families from snuggly infancy through active toddlerhood and into big-kid adventures!

Bond with Baby Starters- Year one of a new baby’s life is filled with celebration and wonder, and Baby Starters is there for every “first”— from smiles to coos to wobbly stands — with fashionable clothing, luxurious blankets, and plush toys that stimulate and soothe.

We’ve got it all! From newborn layette to toddler toys to pre-teen sleep and swimwear, our brands grow up with the kids who wear them and the families who love them. Our commitment to exceptional product and outstanding quality means that we are a trusted source for apparel, blankets, toys and gifts. Get to know our family of brands- Baby Starters, Start Up Kids, Mini B. from the makers of Baby Starters, Magic Years, Night Life and Wetsuit Club.


-from Rashti & Rashti, Baby Starters
875 Avenue of the Americas, 5th floor
New York, Ny 10001
Phone: 1-800-4-Rashti


Primo was founded in 1994 to help provide safe, practical and affordable child care solutions that parents can be confident in. Primo’s products are baby necessities that range from bathing and potty training to high chairs and nursery gear with designs that never go out of style.

“Our goal is to provide parents with the tools they need to be able to focus on what matters most: spending meaningful time with their children” says founder Paulette Zazzara. “It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed by the major life changes that come along with having a newborn. We want parents to feel as empowered and stress-free as possible in their early years with their child.”

Primo’s infant bathing and safety solutions include the award-winning EuroBath, and the Cozy Tot Deluxe Convertible High Chair, both of which deliver safety and convenience well beyond baby’s first birthday and beyond.

  • 2017 JPMA Innovation Award FInalist – PRIMO LapBaby
  • 2016 Baby And Children’s Product News Reader’s Favorite – EuroBath
  • 2015 BABYLIST Best Pick – EuroBath
  • 2014 Mom’s Pick: Best Bathtub Finalist – EuroBath
  • 2012 First Annual Best Product Award, Editor’s Pick – EuroBath

For more information, visit


-from Paulette Zazzara, Primo
Phone: 973-926-5900

Waiting until dinner to fight about veggies with your kids is too late and too much of a struggle. Why not get off to a great start in the morning, with Farm & Oven Breakfast Bites.

Each convenient, on- the-go pack of mini muffins is loaded with ½ cup of real, non-GMO veggies, soft baked in delicious flavors that your kids will ask for.

Give them energy from a combination of vegetables and whole grains, so they can be their best all day long. What a #momwin! Veggies without a fight, hassle-free mornings.

I’m Kay, and I have been raising kids for 35 years. (And still standing.) I’ve been trying to get kids to eat veggies the whole time.


-from Kay Allison, Farm & Oven Snacks, Inc.