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-from Dr. Azariy Yusupov, DDS, Amazing Smiles Orthodontics
100-25 Queens Blvd. Forest Hills, NY, 11375
Forest Hills, NY 11375
Phone: 7182753200

Hello! My name is Jolene Conigliaro, and I am the owner of Endless Mountain Learning Center, Inc., a childcare facility located in Northeast Pennsylvania. We’re educators, this is what we do. We have spent the past ten years writing curriculum and developing learning activities for our facility and now we are packing them up perfectly in a little kit and shipping them right to your door. Like Amazon, but way cooler! Pinterest is great, like REALLY great! But have you ever logged in for a recipe for lasagna only to come out 2 hours and 50 open tabs later confident that you can upgrade the plumbing in your guest bathroom all by yourself? Yup, us too. That’s why we designed a subscription box that takes care of it all for you! Our kits are seasonal and can be purchased one time or you can subscribe and hang out with us for the whole year! Kits include 17-19 activities that have been aligned to PreK Early Learning Standards, all the materials you need to complete (minus any perishable items if an activity calls for one), a curriculum guide to help with every step of the way and a link to online video tutorials if you ever need some extra help.

-from Jolene Conigliaro, Endless Mountain Learning Center, INC.
Phone: 570-465-5437

Since I remember myself, I’ve always had a passion for cooking. After I’ve finished my business studies, I decided to take my cooking passion a few steps forward. I was exposed more and more for people who prefer to eat out instead of cooking at home because of a lack of time. My main goal was to make cooking more available and enjoyable in any house. I think that eating at home has a direct impact on a healthier diet. Therefore, I established my cooking website including a food blog In July 2018.  I think that eating at home has a direct impact on a healthier diet. I’ve made crucial progress and developed relationships with food bloggers and cooking suppliers. I offer on my website the best high quality kitchen tools that are time-saving and make cooking more enjoyable.

My Kitchen Gadgets

Hi! I’m Jacqueline

I’m a New York City based maternity, family, and newborn portrait photographer.

I have a passion for creating images that capture the genuine connection and emotion between you and your loved ones. My style is natural and authentic – when you have a session with me, your photos will radiate with real smiles, joyful moments, and timeless beauty. I focus on finding the most beautiful natural light and backdrops while also helping you to feel comfortable in front of the camera, resulting in a perfect recipe for capturing the beauty in real moments.

-from Jacqueline Clair, Jacqueline Clair Family Photography
York Avenue
New York, NY 10021
Phone: 6313346968

Homage Skateboard Academy is an indoor skateboarding educational facility. Our experienced instructors love to teach skateboarding and are constantly progressing in their teaching abilities, just like their skating abilities. We think that skateboarding is more than just a physical activity though, so we also teach about skateboarding culture and how skateboarding can change the way a person perceives their surroundings.

Our facilities allow for a teaching program suited to anyone interested in putting their two feet on a board, no matter how young or old, or what style of skateboarding the student is interested in. We can teach the basics of just riding on flat ground, or we can teach tricks and how to skate obstacles.

We also run a skateboard shop with all the gear and accessories you or your skater may need!

-from Michelle Sauer and Jose Portes, Homage Skateboard Academy
615 Degraw
Brooklyn, NY, NY 11217
Phone: 7185968151

I know there are a lot of options when it comes to finding the right Speech Therapist. Why would you choose Balanced Speech? Balanced Speech Therapy was born out of the love for family. I opened this small, family-oriented, Private Practice here in my hometown in order to be near to the people I love the most…my family. My husband and my three children are my world, and I know that my clients are your world. I treat Mothers, Fathers, Aunts, Uncles, Children, and Siblings. I am often helping them discover their voice for the first time or rediscover their voice after an injury. I know how important my clients are to the people they love and I want to make their speech therapy experience a joyful and relaxed place to learn, grow, and thrive. I am a firm believer in a Growth Mindset (“I may not be able to do it YET, but I WILL!”)

I am proud to have therapists now providing services New York City! We have an outstanding therapist in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and Manhatten just waiting to work with you kiddos.

-from Megan DePuy, Balanced Speech Therapy
Phone: 6507664511

Oula is redesigning maternity care from the ground up. Our modern maternity center combines the best of obstetrics and midwifery care to deliver a more evidence-based and personalized pregnancy experience. From our collaborative medical team, welcoming clinic, and remote care platform, we are setting a new standard for pregnancy that unifies modern medicine and human intuition.

-from Dr. Ila Dayananda, Oula Pregnancy Care
109 Montague Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: (718) 400-8339

Tired of stepping on all those little legos? Swoop Bags to the rescue! Swoop Bags are durable, modern, toy storage bags that make cleaning and organizing all those toys simple, fast and fun! Ideal for small toys like LEGO, toy cars, trains, blocks, stuffed animals and anything else you can “Swoop-up!” Swoop Bags come in a variety of colors and they are stylish enough to stash in any room of the house. Available in Large, Medium and Mini sizes. Made in USA – Seattle. 

-from Sarah Kirk, Swoop Bags

Hi, my name is King aka “CHA CHA BWOY”. I’m the proud owner of PEEK A BOO KIDS EYEWEAR.  My business presents a variety of unique lenses for all genders while promoting healthy eyes. I personally know how much we kids love our tablets, phones, etc but I have the perfect solution to protect your kids’ eyes, my anti-blue light glasses. My company also market high quality and affordable UV protection sunglasses. If you want your kids to have healthy eyes while being stylish shop with us today!!!!!!!

Phone: 5164995684

Hey Mama.

I see you. I am here for you!

Do you feel like people judge you? Because your kids go to school now and you still have the last 10 lbs leftover baby weight? How will you ever get rid of these super annoying last 5 baby lbs? Did you gain weight during the last intense months?

Do you take care of yourself?

I am here for you!

What if I tell you I can help you?

Help you to eat healthy in order to live a healthier life in order to be happier in order to live longer in order to fulfill more dreams??

What if I tell you I am here to reorganize your day to day so you have time for yourself. For your family. Your friends. Your life.

What if I support you to make healthier decisions?

I sit with you. I listen. With empathy. With all my heart. With compassion. Without judgment.

Together we can create a healthier and happier life. You can make healthy choices. Step by step. You can reduce stress. Have more energy. Fun. Reach your goals.

You are not alone.

With Love,


-from Svenja Ostwald, MOAI NYC LLC
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