CognitionSF offers one-on-one educational therapy services, parent/guardian coaching, social skills groups for Pre-K-8th grade students, and professional development for schools, and many of our services are offered both virtually and in person in the San Francisco Bay Area.

What Is Parent/Guardian Coaching? 
Getting on the same page about behavior management. Communicating with your child’s teacher. Talking with your child about difficult issues. Making big decisions about evaluations. Keeping your cool when your child is pushing every last button. Sometimes parents and guardians just really need an objective, expert ear, and I’m here to help.

What Is Educational Therapy?
You notice your child shows resistance to going to school, says they’re “not good” at things, gets headaches or stomachaches in the morning. Or, you’ve received an academic or neuropsychological assessment and aren’t sure what to do with the information now. There are so many ways educational therapy services can be helpful.

What Are Social Skills Groups?
Individual therapy is awesome, but practicing social skills with an adult is different than practicing them with peers. In social groups, we use research-based methods integrated with super fun improv games as a tool for practicing important social skills and receiving feedback.

-from Melissa Holman-Kursky, Cognition SF
Phone: 415-322-0159

PATO is a collection of small batch, handmade accessories and clothing from big to little that includes 5 panel hats and dresses.

It all started with my abuela Mercedes, who was the master maker of our family in Honduras.  She used to make hanging macrame pieces that lined the ceiling of her craft room. She also sewed and hand embroidered several of my early childhood dresses that I still have today.

Her handiwork sent me on my own journey of creating, which I continued at the California College of the Arts and now with PATO, named after my childhood nickname.

Inspired by my family and our travels, each item is designed, cut and sewn by me in my San Francisco studio, and once enough stock is sewn, a new collection launches.

PATO strives to source fabric sustainably when possible using fabric from personal archives, deadstock, vintage, thrifted or small batch production fabric. Due to this nature, quantities are limited and ever changing.

As a proud immigrant who believes in fighting for equity, 5% of each item you purchase will be donated to an organization fighting for justice on a rotating basis.

I hope you enjoy PATO as much as I enjoy making each piece.

-from Patricia, PATO

Tired of stepping on all those little legos? Swoop Bags to the rescue! Swoop Bags are durable, modern, toy storage bags that make cleaning and organizing all those toys simple, fast and fun! Ideal for small toys like LEGO, toy cars, trains, blocks, stuffed animals and anything else you can “Swoop-up!” Swoop Bags come in a variety of colors and they are stylish enough to stash in any room of the house. Available in Large, Medium and Mini sizes. Made in USA – Seattle. 

-from Sarah Kirk, Swoop Bags

Our mission at Seedling Kids Dentistry, a pediatric speciality practice, is to provide the highest quality of dental care in an environment that is loving, fun, and safe.

We recognize that our young seedlings need the proper nurturing in the appropriate environment in order to be able to grow and blossom. We aim to meet the individual needs of each infant, child, and adolescent. Our entire team at Seedling Kid Dentistry is committed in creating a dental experience that prepares the kids for a lifetime of healthy dental visits and happy smiles.

At Seedling Kids Dentistry, we aim to plant the seed for good habits and to grow healthy teeth.


-from Noyan Aynechi, Seedling Kids Dentistry
1860 Lombard Street
San Francisco, CA 94123
Phone: 415-947-7801

PictureHum is a place for awesome families to connect with great photographers. For too long we heard from too many families how hard they thought it was to search for a family photographer that fit their style and budget. So hard in fact that they skipped professional family photos all together. We are looking to change all that by creating a place for families to find and book local family photographers all in one place.

Local family photographers list on the site by their price for a one hour session and edited digital photos with a turnaround of 5 days. So you can be assured that the price you see is all you will pay for memorable photos of your beautiful family.

We started PictureHum as a way for families to capture sweet moments easily and affordably. So what are you waiting for? Book your perfect family photographer today!


-from PictureHum, PictureHum

Before becoming parents, we consumed copious information about how to care for an infant. Yet, so many mission-critical aspects of parenting surprised us. The first weeks and months of parenting required us to navigate through essential decisions while the fog of sleeplessness consumed our brains. How to hire, background check, and contract with a caretaker? Who should be our baby’s guardian if the unthinkable happened? How to budget for a life that suddenly got significantly more expensive?

No comprehensive guide to the financial and legal requirements of parenting existed, and Exhale Parent was born. Exhale has all the legal and financial information new parents need, starting with maximizing parental leave.

Exhale Parent is a suite of information to make parents’ lives easier, and we are proud to introduce our first product, Diapertainment: the simple way to entertain a baby while diapering. We created Diapertainment when changing our toddler’s diapers became impossible, and we brainstormed a way to keep baby entertained, keep our phone safe, and make changing diapers a bit easier.

We built Exhale Parent to be the resource we wish we had as new parents.

-from Missy Narula, Exhale Parent

I’m passionate about capturing people in their element with their loved ones, especially those “in between moments” when you are most genuinely yourself. My main focus is to make my clients feel at ease. When you’re comfortable and having fun, you get the best results. My background is in Graphic Design, but I fell in love with photography in 2011.

I’m told I put people at ease with my laid-back & friendly disposition. I love meeting new people and turning clients into friends. I’m not happy until you’re happy! I will work tirelessly until I deliver results you are thrilled with!

-from Kristin Freeman, Kristin Freeman Photography


FIT4MOM is the nation’s leading prenatal and postnatal fitness program, providing fitness classes and a network of moms to support every stage of motherhood. From pregnancy, through postpartum and beyond, our fitness and wellness programs help make moms strong in body, mind, and spirit. FIT4MOM San Mateo services moms in San Mateo and Burlingame and currently offers stroller, kid-friendly workout classes as well as mom-only classes and courses. Our Village consists of playgroups, mom’s night in/out, speaker series, and other events that are free and open to the community.

Due to COVID-19, we are currently operating 100% virtual! You can join us from anywhere from the safety of your home. Our kid-friendly and mama-only workouts/courses are held virtually. We also have our Virtual Village – which brings our entire community to the comfort of your living room. We’re still connected even during this not-so-normal time.

Your first virtual workout is free! Regardless of your current fitness level, we provide modifications during every workout so you can challenge yourself based on wherever you are.

Our door is always open – we believe in the strength and community that motherhood brings. We believe in all moms.

-from Katie Lubkert and Emily Oh, FIT4MOM San Mateo
Phone: (650) 200-0750

Do your kids create lots of art? Overwhelmed? So what do parents do with it all?

Artimus Art, launched in 2008 turns kids artwork into an archival book showcasing years worth of artwork. Art is an important tool for self expression and by transforming it into a keepsake, you create an archive of your child’s creativity. Declutter your home while saving the meaningful pieces….the ones that bring you joy.

For a child, a book of their artwork offers a true sense of accomplishment that their masterpieces are published. They will be so excited to show off their own book to everyone with pride. It’s a confidence builder for kids and a great solution for parents #nomoreguilt. #Think Tidy!

  • A $30 deposit gets you started: Artimus Art  sends you an art collection box with return shipping label to make it easy.
  • We turn the artwork into a professional digital file and upload it to an online gallery.
  • Build your book in 5 easy steps and create a special dedication that includes a photo.
  • Add captions and design your own cover
  • All the art it turned into a gorgeous hard cover book

Visit us at

Dana Hostage, Founder

-from Dana Hostage, Artimus Art
Phone: 978-325-3800

Natural Resources, a 501c3 Non-Profit since 2015, was founded in 1988 to serve new families through education, empowerment, and community. While specializing in natural and conscious parenting, we ultimately advocate for informed decisions that support the optimal development of each unique new person and their family. Some folks argue about what’s best for baby; we believe what’s best for baby is the health and well-being of the entire family. Deeply rooted in evidence-based best practices for pregnancy, labor, birth, and early parenting, Natural Resources offers holistic classes, the safest, most effective products, and a warm and inclusive community.

-from Natural Resources All Families Foundation 501c3 Non-Profit, Natural Resources
1051 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone: 415-550-2611