6 Pumpkin Carving Tools You Can Order on Amazon Now

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Halloween will here before you know it––are you ready to carve your pumpkins? Whether you like to go all out with a pumpkin carving template or enjoy keeping it simple for the kids’ sake, we’ve got all the carving tools you need to whip up your jack-o’-lanterns. These prime-ready products will make pumpkin carving a breeze this year!

Stainless Steel Pumpkin Carving Tools

You could buy a set of cheap tools to carve your pumpkin, or invest just a few bucks more for these ergonomically correct stainless steel tools ($10) to make cutting a breeze. Both amateurs and professionals prefer this style that will last for years to come. Adults only!

Pumpkin Punches Carving Kit

Think: cookie cutters for a pumpkin! This pumpkin punches kit ($20) is the perfect way to let kids in on the carving fun without a sharp knife. This 31-piece set comes with everything you need to make silly and spooky jack-o-lanterns––just supply the hammer!

Pumpkin Gutter

Sick of scraping out icky, stringy and gooey pumpkin innards? Then you need this pumpkin gutter ($12)! that takes all the work out of de-seeding your pumpkins. Simply attach to the end of a drill, and toss in the dishwasher when done!

Pumpkin Stencils

Not everyone has an artistic eye, and that's why we love pumpkin carving stencils ($6). Simple tape or wrap around your pumpkin and then carve on the dotted line. 

Hole Cutters

Looking for that cute polka dot look, or maybe just super symmetrical eyes for your pumpkin? Invest in a set of hole cutters ($13), where every punch is perfect!

Linoleum Cutters

Die hard crafters know the versatility of a linoleum cutter ($17) to make pretty pumpkins. While this tool isn't meant for carving, it will help you carve off the top layer for some serious looking etch work. 


––Karly Wood

Feature Photo: Raw Pixel via Unplash



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