6 Ways Qustodio Can Help You Navigate the Internet Safely with Your Kids


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Think your kids are too young for the world wide web? Studies show that kids are using devices at a younger age. So even if it’s just Baby Shark videos on repeat, if your kid has a device (or uses yours) to connect to the internet, you’ll want a way to do it safely.

The digital safety and well-being app, Qustodio, aims to do just that. Even though we know you take cautious measures to keep your kids safe and educated about the digital world, Qustodio is here to add that extra layer of protection by offering more features and a complete dashboard of data to give you true peace of mind. We tried it, and here’s how we’ve found it can help you protect your kids.

Learn more about Qustodio and download the app for free here

1. Problem: Once my son is on the screen it’s hard to pry him away.

Solution: Qustodio encourages parents to talk with their kids and agree on healthy time limits. With Qustodio you can easily limit your child’s screen time across all of their devices. You can set time limits for games and apps and even block apps you don’t want, as well as certain times of day you don’t want your kids accessing those apps.

2. Problem: I want to encourage smart tech use, but the internet is a vast and scary place with lots of inappropriate content for kids. How can I ensure my child is accessing appropriate content?

Solution: There’s a lot on the internet—both good and bad—curious kids can explore. Qustodio has smart filters that block inappropriate content, even in private or incognito mode. You can also search and monitor what your child is viewing for extra peace of mind.

3. Problem: My kids are spending too much time on social networks.

Solution: Qustodio allows you to limit how much time is spent on social networks like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and more.

4. Problem: I don’t know who my child is texting or calling.

Solution: Qustodio allows you to monitor calls and SMS on Android devices. You can view your child’s calls and texts, read SMS messages and set a list of blocked contacts.

5. Problem: I want to use the internet after lights-out, but I don’t want my child to have access.

Solution: Don’t shut off the internet for the whole house; parents deserve their downtime to chill and binge-watch Netflix or meet deadlines for work. Qustodio allows you to shut off the internet to specific devices, giving you full control of who is on the internet and when.

6. Problem: I want to give my child some independence but like most parents, I worry about her safety. Can I monitor where my child is without constantly texting or calling them?

Solution: Qustodio features Location Tracking and Panic Alerts. You can track your child’s location and in an emergency your child can send you Panic Alerts from Android devices.

Learn more about Qustodio and download the app for free here

—Amber Guetebier

photos: Qustodio

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