Real Mom Product Review: Swaddle Duo

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Swaddle Designs is known for their award-winning blankets, and we were curious just how great these blankets really are. We asked Emilie, volunteer Red Tricycle Mom to try Swaddle Duo and to tell us all about her experience in 5 quick answers!

Swaddle Designs’ Swaddle Duo comes in a really cute box set with two blankets used for different temperatures: cotton flannel for cool to moderate temperatures and cotton marquisette open weave for warmer climates. For more information, visit Swaddle Designs’ website. The price for these cozy box sets: $38.

1. What was your first impression when you received the SwaddleDesigns Swaddle Duo set?

Emilie: My first impression was ADORABLE. I love the boxed set. The simple, classic design of the box and the fabrics are totally modern and cute. The simple instructions on the box seem very clear to me and the packaging would make a perfect gift.

 2. Tell us about the quality of the blankets you received in the Swaddle Duo.

Emilie: The lighter weight fabric is so stretchy and the blanket is huge. It is my ideal swaddle blanket. The fleece fabric isn’t quite as stretchy, but the size still is great for a swaddle. I loved how the colors were gender neutral but weren’t too boyish. We didn’t find out what our third baby was (she was a girl) and everything we had that was gender neutral made her look like a boy. However, this fabric (blue/green trees and lime green circles) worked great for a girl baby!

3. Were the 1-2-3 illustrative instructions shown on the ‘How to Swaddle’ label helpful and easy to follow?

Emilie: The instructions were great. I actually learned to swaddle with these instructions with my first baby, and the pictures were clear enough that it made sense. I have used this method ever since and has served me well for three babies. I’m a die hard Swaddle Designs swaddle blanket fan for this reason. I love just saying “check the tag” when grandma’s or new moms ask me how to swaddle the baby. It’s my favorite feature of these blankets.

4. Did you use the SwaddleDesigns blanket(s) for any other purpose other than swaddling?

Emilie: In addition to swaddling, I have used the blankets as a nursing cover and to throw over the carseat to keep out the sun. I’ve also used it as a burp cloth and they wash beautifully. Our youngest was a puker and these blankets got washed over and over and hold up great!

5. Was this product helpful to your and your family?

Emilie: I would buy this boxed set as a gift in a second. It’s cute, trendy, practical, and will be used well past the swaddling stage. It will also hold up for many children. I just love anything quality enough to be reused and recycled with many kids. We’ve always swaddled and it has always been so helpful for the kids in sleep training. This blanket is so easy to use and the perfect weight.