Real Moms Review The Trip Clip

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The Trip Clip was designed to keep kids busy on the go. This child sized clipboard comes with a 4-color pen and five Activities of your choice. The Activities are things like Crosswords, Coloring Pages, Hangman, Travel Bingo, and much much more!  To learn more about The Trip Clip click here.

Volunteer Red Tricycle Real Mom Reviewers Tara, Michelle and Sarah tried out the Trip Clip ($19.95) and shared their words of wisdom with us in 5 quick questions!

1. What is the best thing about The Trip Clip?

Tara: The trip clip is a great size, making it easy to handle for little hands. My daughter loves that you can change the colors on the pen (with a little assistance of course), and loves coloring on the pages. I also really liked the fact that most of the worksheets are educational. As a teacher, I feel that kids are often given something electronic to occupy their time, while this is something that truly can help them. I can see many uses for it in the future (and now!) I love the make your own checklist option when you log into I think it is so important for children to see what comes next, and this would be such a great way to do a daily schedule, or chores checklist. I would love to see pictures by the items you can add in to help boost sight words and reading skills. I also absolutely love the included sheet for a story with a little picture box and space for writing. In terms of learning to write, it would be really helpful to have dotted lines in between the solid lines for those kids who are JUST starting out. This is really a helpful way to assist them in learning to write their words. This is a really sturdy product as well. You can tell that it is made with quality and will last for a while.

Michelle: I  like that you can switch the activities based on your kids interests as they change and grow. It’s also the perfect size for both little hands and the diaper bag/purse.

Sarah: The portability, the colors of the pen, the cute name

2. What would make The Trip Clip even better?

Tara: Well, my daughter is just about to turn two. I feel like some of the worksheets are way too hard for her, but the coloring pages are more appropriate. She loves that the trip clip comes with a pen, just like mommy uses, but I also feel like a crayon (maybe one of those rainbow colored ones?) in a plastic protector would be better for toddler age. I could see maybe having pens that can be switched out so there are more options. I absolutely LOVE that you can make your own checklist and see so many uses for that, but would love to be able to add pictures next to the items for the checklist. This would really help the pre-readers learn some of their words. I would also like to see some sight word practice sheets, maybe rhyming practice sheets? I see so many educational possibilities here! It’s great! I also think that if you laminated the sheets so that they were reusable that would be great. (Not the story sheets though, so stories don’t get erased). More activities to print online would be great too. I also thought that having the alphabet in D’Nealian style (the best for preschoolers learning to write) somewhere on the clip board for them to reference (with a picture underneath of something that makes the sound, like an apple underneath an A), would be really great. I would also like to see more color options for the trip clip. The primary colors are nice, but I know my girly girl would love purple, pink, or something like that. If you need ideas for educational worksheets, I would be happy to give you some!

Michelle: I would include more activities in the initial package. I would also suggest having packages of activities to buy in the store or online; not everyone has a printer. An option to change the pen to a washable marker (I have no idea if something like the pen attached but with markers exists, but that would be perfect!). Also, more “Creative” options…have you seen Taro Gomi’s “Doodle” books? They’ll have a picture of something like an empty display case at a bakery and ask the child to draw something. I think that would be a hit with kids from 2 and up.

Sarah: Wider range of age appropriateness, laminated activity sheets that can be utilized by a dry erase marker… therefore, lending the ability to be used again and again.

3. When do you think you would be most likely to use The Trip Clip?

Tara: I think when my daughter is a little bit older (maybe closer to 3) we will be using the Trip Clip frequently. I see using it now for drawing pictures mostly. I also might use it for a daily schedule (my daughter already really likes to know what comes next) and just draw little pictures of my own next to the words. So we will probably use it in the car, or at the store for drawing, and at home for the schedule.

Michelle: In the car, at the grocery store (or other stores), and definitely at restaurants.

Sarah: This weekend we used it for the grocery store and a trip to Nana’s. But we would most definitely use it on airplane rides, long car trips, and train rides

4. Would you recommend The Trip Clip to a friend?

Tara: I would recommend the Trip Clip to a friend, but probably to friends with a little bit older kids. It is a great concept, and I love all of the educational possibilities that this product has for the future. We need more true educational items for kids these days and this is such a great way to give that to your kids!

Michelle: Probably

Sarah: Yes

5. How much would you be willing to pay for The Trip Clip?

Tara: I would probably be willing to pay something like ten dollars for the Trip Clip, but I feel that if it was more, maybe fifteen, that you should be able to print unlimited worksheets. I don’t see people wanting to pay for the trip clip, then paying more once they run out. People will probably just use blank sheets of paper cut to that size and make their own. It is a very good idea though, and with some small changes and some more educational worksheets, I feel like this could really take off. I would then feel so excited to share it with my friends!

Michelle: $7.95.

Sarah: $7.50-$10.00