How Red Tricycle Readers #rockedtheweekend for Halloween 2015

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Another Halloween, another candy bonanza. This year we saw fewer Frozen costumes and a spike in little Jedis, Darth Vaders and Storm Troopers. But that wasn’t all! Our community got creative with their superheroes, My Little Ponies, princesses and ninjas. Scroll on to see all the amazing costumes. Don’t forget to spread the love by liking their pictures on Instagram!

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photo submitted by Robin Vega

Superheroes come in all forms, shapes, sizes and animals.


It’s official: The Pac-Man franchise needs a new game called Pac-Babe.


We hope Sleeping Beauty is able to get some shut eye after all that Halloween excitement!


On Halloween, magnolia.mama‘s astronaut went straight into candy-space in her stroller rocket.


mielaerkerasmussen and her witch handmade this incredible hat. Don’t miss her inspiring caption about the value of DIY.


Bow to the Queen of the final frontier.

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A synchronized dance to Monster Mash just might be the cutest way to spend Halloween.


Loving the confidence and character of The Flash and her toucan sidekick!

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There’s no superhero like a mini-superhero.

user submitted, for halloween round up only

photo submitted by Sydney Brooke Hannah


Frankly, our editor’s monster has us in stitches with how adorable he is.


High-five to dit_elle‘s DIY skills and putting this amazing “Darkmare” Moon costume together.


One LEGO we won’t lego of.


Check out that new lightsaber design silverfox27‘s little Vader is carrying.


Send us an invite when Bullseye Bullseye opens, Henry!


This is what a lady bug looks like at 14 weeks.


These ninjas almost slipped past us when we rounded up the coolest costumes. Luckily we were hashtagged!

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