5 West Coast Train Trips

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There’s a certain timelessness to train travel. Maybe it’s the kid within us all who is taken back to childhood memories of playing with our toy train sets, or maybe memories of singing and dancing to Quad City DJ’s C’mon N’ Ride The Train, although more likely the former. As “old timey” as it may be, there’s a certain draw to train travel, since it typically offers access to places that you just can’t get from driving. Today, we’re featuring a few of the best train trips on the west coast. Spencer Spellman of 7×7 writes:

Napa Wine Train.  While this is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Napa and doesn’t take you through the offbeat places of America like many of these train excursions do, it’s still a unique way to experience California wine country. The train leaves out of Napa and winds its way through the valley, past vineyards and along the base of rolling hills. The train features numerous events throughout the year, including murder mystery rides, with the lunch and dinner trains being the more popular options when executive chef, Kelly Macdonald, and a full kitchen staff prepare cooked to order meals.

Grand Canyon Railway. What many would call a “wonder of the world,” there are so many unique ways to experience the Grand Canyon, and this train journey only adds to that uniqueness. The Grand Canyon Railway is a full-day experience that departs from Williams, Arizona (30 miles west of Flagstaff), and travels due north for over 60 miles to the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. Notable features along the way include the Ponderosa Pine Forest, desert, a 1,500-foot vertical drop, and of course the canyon itself.

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