A Bay Area Diapering Giant Goes Compostable

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Tiny Tots Makes it Easy to Be Green…

Sometimes it seems like there’s nothing new under the sun…or bum, as the case may be. But not so in the world of earth-friendly diaper options. A longtime favorite of eco-conscious Bay Area families, Tiny Tots diaper service has recently expanded its cloth-diapering empire, dipping its toe into the waters of compostable diapers.

Parents can now opt for compostable diaper service, or a combination of cloth and compostable. Whether you’re looking to have a couple of non-cloth diapers in your arsenal for a long day out, or just have cloth-diapering  fatigue, having more options available makes life easier, while you do right by the environment.

Just order up either some compostable inserts (which you stick in the same diaper covers as your cloth inserts) or the Broody Chick all-in-one compostable diapers through the Tiny Tots service. If you opt for the combo service, you don’t even have to sort cloth from compostable, just set everything out together on your pickup date and Tiny Tots will handle the dirty work. The compostable diapers are hot composted and turned into municipal sold waste compost, which is used for all sorts of non-agricultural landscape projects, including building parks, freeways, golf courses and more. How great to cut down on water use AND know your baby’s soiled nappies will be put to good use instead of taking up space in a landfill? That’ll put a smile on your face the next time you change a “special.”

Tiny Tots Diaper Service, 408-866-2900, www.tinytots.com

—Sarah Bossenbroek