A Mini-Retreat for Busy Mom

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You’re the one responsible for making sure that everyone’s laces are tied, lunches are packed, egos aren’t bruised, but who’s checking in on you? Guess what, moms, that’s your job too. In between everything else, you must find a few free moments to think about your own needs.

Local mom Amy Tirion (pictured) realized that most busy women don’t have the luxury of slipping away for a three-day retreat (let alone three hours!) so she designed a series of mini-retreats, called Delight for the Soul, to provide an opportunity for women to shake off the stress and exhaustion that can build when we’re so focused on caring for others.

Each weekly session of the four-week retreat kicks off with a light yoga practice and an opportunity for some meditation, both of which are suitable for beginners. Then participants move into activities such as journaling, painting, mini-massages, and nibbling on some delicious treats.

The focus during these three hours is on nurturing yourself, so that you can be your truest, happiest self with your family and those around you. Whichever part of the day resonates most deeply with you, whether it is meeting other women, indulging the senses, trying something new, focusing inward, or simply playing, you’ll head out into the world energized and ready to tackle it all.

Sessions start October 1st, and there are Tuesday and Wednesday morning, Thursday afternoon, and Friday evening sessions available. Delight for the Soul is kicking off with a special introductory rate of $160 for the month of October. Interested in getting on the mailing list for future retreats? Click here.

Contest: Win Your Own Mini Retreat!

Need a Mini-Retreat of your own or know someone special who does? We want to know why you deserve to Delight!

To Enter:
-Login with Facebook and post a comment below about why you need this mini-retreat. You can also nominate a friend in need.

-Post it to your Facebook page  so your friends can chime in and support your need for some “me” time too.  If you have nominated someone special, let them know by using the “@” symbol and then clicking on their profile name. (Warm fuzzies included!)

We’ll select the ‘neediest’ winner for a free spot in the October retreat from the comments below.

PS – To win, you don’t have to have the most comments, just the most deserving story!

Thanks everyone  for participating this contest is closed.  The winner of the contest is ADRIENNE SLAIS GRECHMAN.