American Grilled Cheese Kitchen SF

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Hot Off the Grill

The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen recently opened steps away from sunny South Park and is dedicated to all things grilled and cheesy.  There is no need for a special kid menu here — grilled cheese is inherently kid-friendly!

Our favorite is the Mousetrap, the classic grilled cheese executed with five-star perfection.  Aged cheddar, havarti, and jack cheeses melt between slices of Pinkie’s levain bread, lathered in butter and grilled to perfection.  “Commander-in-Cheese” Heidi Gibson, a seven-time winner at the annual Grilled Cheese Invitational and chef at TAGKC takes her job seriously and uses her engineering background to construct the perfect sandwich.

The Jalepeno Popper (chevre, jack cheese, bacon, and apricot-jalepeno relish) is savory and surprisingly sweet while the tart Feta Tomato sandwich (feta, jack cheese, roasted tomatoes, tapenade, garlic butter) takes you on a trip to the Mediterranean.  If grilled cheese is not your thing, there are salads, bread puddings, and sweets to sate your appetite.  The staff will even help you select the right beverage for a wine and grilled cheese pairing!

It gets very busy inside, so we suggest eating on the patio filled with colorful chairs and tables or al fresco at South Park, the tranquil spot shared with techies taking a respite from the start-up grind.  Work off the comfort food by chasing the kids around the playground and swing sets there or head to the Embarcadero for a long stroller walk.  Just make sure to plan your visit for lunch, they will be opening for breakfast and dinner soon!

The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen
1 South Park Avenue,
Suite 103A
(at Second Street)
Lunch Hours Only:
Monday through Friday, 11:00am – 3:00pm  (Breakfast and dinner service coming soon)

-Sarah K. Choi