Bay Area-Made Birthday Spruce-Ups

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Every now and then you go to a birthday party that has something really unique–a special decorative touch, crafty table theme, or even a custom-made embellishment you wish you’d known about first. Here are some ideas that are sure to get your guests’ attention at the next fiesta.

Recycled paper placemats by San Francisco-based PubliqueSHOP will give your b-day spread new dimension. Why? They’re inspired by children’s pop-up books. The clever pop-up illustrations on the placemats range from birdcages and mailboxes to butterflies and hearts. They come 10 per pack and include an area to write each guest’s name. Kids can decorate themselves and take home their own work of art.

Cloth napkins will make an intimate party feel more personal. Take ‘em for a spin in the washer and dryer, and voila, you can reuse them for tea parties and the lunch sack. Marin-based Fabkins offers individually designed cloth napkins in bright colors, sold in sets of four. Themes include Sports Fan, Beach Bound, Flower Power, and other fun stuff to match your b-day festivities.

Party invitations help set the tone, even before you get the guests in the door. Pose Prints, hatched by a Bay Area mom and daughter team, offers a refreshing variation from even the cutest snapshot. Their personalized invitations are unique to every child, recreating a look-alike pose of your little one with a delightful cartoon caricature based on a photograph. You can see the results online in an instant!

And the icing on the cupcake at any party would be a batch of custom-baked cupcakes from Sibby’s Cupcakery. Sibby’s delivers from their San Mateo storefront, so you can get a mix of beautifully-decorated lemon drop, snickerdoodle, and choco choco flavored cakes without dirtying every mixing bowl in your kitchen.

–Renee M. Rutledge