Bette's Diner

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1807 4th Street
(between Hearst Ave & Virginia St)
Berkeley, CA 94710

This classic diner has been a Berkeley favorite since it opened in 1982. If you haven’t tasted their pancakes, they’re worth the trip! The 50’s ambiance is kid-friendly, and really who doesn’t dig fifties styling, jukeboxes, classic booths and black-and-white floor tiles? Bette’s fans are known to begin lining up for breakfast sometimes as early as 6 AM on busy Saturday mornings. While some balk at waiting for a weekend brunch, Bette’s is worth it. (Although if you disagree they also have a specialized take-out section next door.) For a fun treat, let kids pick a song on one of the jukeboxes; this only costs a quarter and can provoke ooh and aahs of wonder and squeals of delight.