Brown’s Remember When Toys Make Memories

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Hand-carved, Sustainable Rocking Horses (and More!) for Your Kids’ Kidsbuz in the shop 001

We’ve all got memories of the toys we played with as children—that favorite doll, a collection of matchbox cars, a beloved tea set that lasted for a whole season of pretend parties. If you’re lucky, you’ve stashed these treasures away for your own kids. Most of us, though, just have the memories.

If only Buz Brown’s workshop had been around for our parents. Brown’s Remember When rocking horses, cars, and piggy banks are handmade—carved one at a time from sustainable wood and finished with non-toxic oils. His toys are built to be bequeathed. Buz created his first rocking horse for his 3-year-old daughter. Thirty-five years later, his grandson enjoys the same rocking horse, and Grandpa Buz hasn’t stopped carving away.

Instead of rushing out at the last minute and dropping a ton of cash on a pile of toys that won’t last until next Christmas, you can come home with an heirloom that your children’s children will one day play with. Traditional rocking horses are $275, playful rocking giraffes are $300, and timeless stick ponies go for $60. Based in the hills of Marin County, Brown’s Remember When also makes custom piggy banks and cars of all sizes.

TIP: Shipping large rocking horses or giraffes is quite expensive and will take longer, especially for out-of-town deliveries. Buz does have a limited supply of pre-carved toys of all sizes in stock. Given the holiday rush, he will even package and deliver local orders personally. We recommend calling Buz as early as possible to arrange for your toy request and delivery, especially if he will need to carve you something new in time for Santa’s sleigh. Place an order with Buz at (415) 460-5426.

—Renee M. Rutledge