Comfort Foodie

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If there’s one thing we’re passionate about around here (next to our families of course), it’s good food made with love. So is it any wonder that we often use food expressions as terms of endearment for our little ones?45

Judy Swenson, a Novato grandmother, created Foodie Doodles tee-shirts for babies and toddlers with family in mind. Her kids and grandkids engage in a friendly competition to see who can come up with the most (and cutest) food-derived nicknames. Some of her favorites have made their way onto the super-soft shirts in color-contrast embroidery (“My Butter Bean,” “My Noodle”). Best of all, like any good grandmother, she designed her company with the earth in mind: the shirts are 70% bamboo fibers, 30% organic cotton.

Just launched this summer, for now the shirts are only available through her website-though they’ve already won a spot in “celeb” gift baskets going out for Mother’s Day 2009. Grab one up now so your little one can be ahead of Nahla, Vivienne, Knox and Zuma on at least one fashion trend.

Foodie Doodles, $26 (Business Closed)