Coyote Point Park

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1701 Coyote Point Dr
San Mateo, CA 94401

Just up the road from Burlingame is the sprawling Coyote Point Park. Home to more activities than you can shake a stick at, Coyote Point has beautiful scenery, trails for biking and jogging, the marina for windsurfing or sailing (or dipping your feet in the water,) and quiet green spots for picnicking and relaxing. For kids though, the real star here is the Magic Mountain playground. It has tons of swings, slides, bouncy riders, bars, and balance beams on the premises, with tamer versions in the area designated for smaller kids and wilder ones in the big kids area. The entire playground has been designed with fairytale feel, and its crown jewel is the 42-foot “Castle,” a play structure topped with a medieval turret and the longest slide in Northern California.