Date Night: 10 Quiet Neighborhood Restaurants

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As a parent, loud noise is part of the job. But when date night finally transpires, it’s time to zone it all out, and that requires a relaxing environment. 7×7 has put together an amazing list of quiet, serene places to dine where you won’t need to shout to be heard. Just sit, relax, and find out how to make your well-deserved date night a tranquil time.

Sometimes eating to the tune of bartenders shaking drinks, groups guffawing, and the latest indie rock sensation on the sound system is cool. (We’re looking at you, Bottle Cap.) But there are (so many) times when dinner needs to be a respite from noise. Maybe it’s been a rough week. Maybe your older relatives are in town. Or maybe it’s time for something a little corny romantic with your SO. Whatever the reason, here’s our list of quiet, calm restaurants, by the neighborhood. There might even be a delicious pork chop or two for your enjoyment—in hushed tones, of course.

Polk Gulch: A neat little Moroccan BYOB on Polk St., Tajine‘s feathery bastilla and staggering array of tajine variations run marathons around other contenders in the genre. 1653 Polk St.

Tenderloin: It’s cheap, the banh xeo is heavenly, and Bodega Bistro‘s vibe sticks to an unpompous reverence for the authentic Vietnamese goodness filling the room. 607 Larkin St.

Russian Hill: Sure we’ve heard some guy named Brad Pitt dines here when he’s in town to avoid the crazies. But we eat at Allegro Romano for the very special jewel box of a space, nicely rendered Italian basics like lobster ravioli, and a welcome escape from city bustle. Promise. 1701 Jones St.

JapantownFamily-owned Post street starlet Bushi-tei provides sweet service, and relative silence so there’s literally no distraction from the captivating California Japanese creations on the plate. 1638 Post St.

To see the rest of the list, read the full 7×7 article here.

Written by Carolyn Alburger

This is our weekly guest post from our friends at 7×7, a site that keeps you up on the best of SF. We’ve teamed up for an exciting partnership to bring you a fantastic Date Night idea each week. Be sure to check out their blog for hourly doses of the best of SF.