Downsized Doughnuts

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We’ve been there: while picking up a cup of Joe, you buy a mediocre, oversized pastry to keep your little one happy thinking, “I’ll have a bite or two to keep her from getting too sugared up.” Packed into those bites are a whole lotta calories, refined sugar, and other nasties. The temptation to splurge in the calorie department is always there, but at least now we can do it in an all-natural, organic fashion with Dee’s Organic Mini-Doughnuts (business closed).

Available at cafes and grocery stores all over Marin, San Francisco, and coming soon to the East Bay, these delectable li’l bites come in flavors like Raging Raspberry, Dagoba Chocolate Orange, and the classic Cinnamon Sugar. No trans fats, hydrogenated or artificial anything in these treats developed by Diana “Dee” Firmage of Mill Valley. With organic whole wheat from Giusto’s in San Francisco, and Petaluma Solano Gold applesauce to sweeten and moisten the doughnuts, she makes them into guilt-free goodness in Novato. While you’ll be tempted to try at least three flavors, making the “mini” point moot, the small size goes down guiltlessly.

Hint: Dee’s Doughnuts make great lunchbox or birthday party treats too.

Dee’s Mini Doughnuts (Business Closed)
Available at Andronico’s, Good Life Grocery, Real Food Company and Mollie Stones. See website for complete list.