Eco-Friendlier Birthdays

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Green Goodie Bags and More

You swore after your kid’s last birthday bash, as you gathered up piles of used-once-and-trashed streamers, balloons, plates, wrapping paper, hats, etc…never again. Birthdays can bring out the eco-guilt like little else. Put your trust in Burlingame-based Green Party Goods this year: They’ve thought of everything, from tableware and streamers to party favors and games. The best part is discovering a comprehensive resource for eco-friendly, fun, and stylish parties that celebrate your kids and the environment.

Not only will you amaze your little guests by telling them their forks are made from potatoes, but when the crumbs are clear, you can rest easier knowing that none of these products are designed to clog up landfills—they’re sustainably-made and biodegradable.

Beyond boasting compostable cornware and recyclable paper place settings, your kid’s b-day party can look good, too. GreenPartyGoods’ decorations (like the festive cotton birthday banners and rice paper lanterns) don’t look like the cheap, easy-to-tear variety you find at the dollar store. You’ll also save money and resources using them every year. It’ll cost you around $20 for a banner, $3 for handmade candles made from beeswax, and $10 for reusable felt party hats.

Let’s not forget the goodie bags, because you know the little tikes won’t. They’ll squeal with delight at GreenPartyGoods’ themed goodie boxes alone. Fill them with party favors like a penguin flashlight that doesn’t require batteries, pencils made from 100% recycled newspaper, paper mache treasure boxes, and wooden figurines. With toys like these, the partying will last long after yours is done!

—Renee M. Rutledge