Explore: Mill Valley Bike Paths

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Training wheels or no, it’s time to fill up the bike rack and start enjoying those two-wheelers for all they’re worth! The Bay Area is full of bike trails, and Mill Valley beckons with a flat, easy access through neighborhoods and shopping areas to the salt marshes (with a view of Richardson Bay), and finally, alongside the houseboats of Sausalito. Biking along this wide, multi-purpose path is leisurely enough for the whole family.

Begin at the outskirts of Mill Valley. Parking is available at Sycamore Avenue, off Highway 101 from the Blithedale exit. At the trailhead, the kids can take a potty break in the public restroom before hitting the path, which you’ll share with a medley of walkers, joggers, skaters, and fellow cyclists without the worry of fast-moving cars.

Along the southern portion of your journey, you’ll run parallel to some street traffic, so heads up to parents on that. Other than that, you’ll encounter both a skate park and a dog park, along with restaurants and homes, then the majestic pelicans and wrens as you pass through the open wetland marsh. Print out a bike map before heading out to ensure you get the most of the backroads on this worthwhile excursion.

The Mill Valley to Sausalito bike path is several miles long but can be biked within an hour’s time, depending on your stragglers. It is open all year long.

—Renee Rutledge