Family Fun at a San Jose Earthquakes Game

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Bay Area soccer is a big deal. Check out the Marina Green Park any Saturday in the fall or spring and you will see hordes of peewee teams. The parks are often packed with older kids and adults on the pitch, in leagues or just playing for the love of it. When a World Cup is in action, flags fly, kids miss school and parents work, and often the city is at a standstill. Think about it and you’ll realize, there’s no better activity around which to build a fun family day out!

If your family is hankering for a great Bay Area spectator sport experience and tickets to the Giants, Sharks or 49ers are sold out or too steep, why not consider catching a San Jose Earthquakes professional soccer game?The Earthquakes are an Major League Soccer team. The MLS is a league that comprises top level teams from Canada and the US and includes many top tier players.

Most games are played at Buck Shaw Stadium in Santa Clara, although for some special occasions such as the 4th of July Firework festivities, the team plays at Stanford Stadium in Palo Alto.

Many families, including lots of kids dressed in soccer gear flood the grounds for pre-game festivities and once in the stadium you could feel the roar of the crowd as the kids certainly gave the earthquake stamps their all. The team’s tag line is: San Jose Earthquakes: Did You Feel That? Taking your little ones to an outdoor game is a great way for them to get out some of that pent up energy and use those outdoor voices you’re perpetually trying to quell. During the game a rumble begins and then a stampede and it really feels like a temblor as fans stamp their feet in syncopated rhythm to get the excitement going!

The Earthquakes’ schedule runs from May through October and tickets run from $20-$50, with VIP tickets that go for much more.  San Jose Earthquakes games are very kid-family with tons of kiddos in the stands roaring and cheering on their team. Get into the team spirit and flaunt that teal blue and black — you can even try some fun face-painting before the game to show your family’s team pride!

There were a ton of free giveaways, Frisbees, soda, and posters, all of which will certainly keep your kids engaged. The pace of the game suits kids too. With only two 45-minute halves and a 20-minute break or so for halftime, it is a manageable outing for those little tykes with waning attention spans!

Parking is easy, although be ready to pony up around $20.  The bugs are nippy and it gets chilly when the sun sets so be sure to bring a jacket and layers!

Ole Ole Ole Ole!

Upcoming Games:
Sat. Jul 30 Earthquakes v D.C. United at the Buck Shaw Stadium 7:30 pm
Sat. Aug 6 Earthquakes v Timbers at the Buck Shaw Stadium 7:30 pm
Full Schedule:

– Darya Mead