Fantastic Fridays at Crissy Field

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Along the northern shoreline of the Presidio, from the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge to the Marina, Crissy Field is a stunning, albeit sometimes windy place to take in a front-row view of the San Francisco Bay. It’s also home to Crissy Field Center, a place to relax and enjoy the view indoors while getting an educational experience about the Bay Area’s natural environment.

The Center is also home base for Fantastic Fridays, a once-a-week, hands-on experience about movement, hiking, nature, and adventure. For $15 per Friday, parents and their 18-month to 4-year-old toddlers can enjoy a new theme every week from February to May.

March will bring Eco-Pirates, when tots go a-ramblin’ to claim the booty; Fun with Food, when they will learn to make tasty, organic snacks; and Super Safety Day, when the family can meet the people and animals who make the park safe. Let’s not forget Operation T.O.T., also known as Toddlers on Trails, which includes an excursion to a new location in the park armed with snacks and songs.

Just this month, Crissy Field Center unveiled a new location in a green, cutting-edge facility at 1199 East Beach, Presidio, in San Francisco. These Friday outings are the perfect reason to head down and check it out.

—Renee Rutledge