Best Gluten-Free and Allergy-Free Meal Delivery Services (Vegan, too!)

With a shiny, new meal delivery service popping up nearly every week, family dinnertime hassles should be a thing of the past, right? But if your family eschews meat, gluten, peanuts or other specific ingredients, knowing that your meals are delivered right to your doorstep and safe from allergens and cross-contamination can be a hard pill to swallow. So we’ve rounded up the best services that accommodate every type of special dietary need for you and your gang to try, so you can find healthy and delicious family meal delivery services to suit your lifestyle. Click through to see them all!


These guys are currently the most popular kids on the block, and it's plain to see why: everything about this home delivery service is customized and tested for smooth efficiency, the process is beyond simple, and their food is the BOMB. Be very careful with food allergies, as they don't have a way to customize this in their system - and chefs prepare the fresh mass quantities each morning then it's already boxed and ready to go - however for completely vegetarian and vegan dishes there are options galore. The veggie Quinoa Spinach Burger by Chef Eddy Ramos takes meat-free to a whole new level of awesomeness with gooey cheddar cheese and not-too spicy, smooth jalapeno aioli, and his side of roasted red garnet sweet potatoes brings some yummy sweetness to the entire proceedings. Best of all, Munchery prices are nice and affordable all hovering right around ten bucks a plate. There's also a partnership right now with Google Music that pairs specific dishes with a customized playlist so you can actually have free direct access to their curated digital tunes while you, well, munch. Bon appetit!

Cost: $5.95 - $13.95 per serving, plus a $2.95 flat delivery fee


Have you found an amazing meal delivery service for your family? What’s your trusted source?

—Mireille Schwartz


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