Hat Trick

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Here’s that rain we’ve been wishing for but it gets hard to stay cheerful after several wet days. Colorful caps from Zooni do double-duty by keeping kids heads covered and helping them brighten up the rain-slicked sidewalks.

Even the glummest umbrella-clutchers will smile at the cuteness of your little darling splashing in puddles while decked out in one of these quirky, hand-knit, locally-made creations. The “mop-top” hats feature crazy threads and fun designs like Chunkee Monkee, Purple Reign, and Puppy Love, and now there are mittens to match some styles.

Sisters Michelle and Melissa Jeong, inspired by their own children, started Zooni in 2007, and their designs are now at some of the hippest baby boutiques around the Bay, including Giggle in SF and Corte Madera, Noe Valley’s Small Fry, and Oakland’s Ruby’s Garden. Best of all, the company gets their materials from fair-trade compliant sources, and donates a percentage of proceeds to children’s charities. Getting ready to go outside becomes fun with fewer tantrums over bundling up–Zooni hats are something both you and your child can feel good about!

Zooni Mop Top hats, $36.50