Helping Kids Cool the Earth

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It’s not always easy to take action, even, or especially, against a looming global threat like climate change. Marin parents Carleen and Jeff Cullen saw “An Inconvenient Truth” in 2007 and couldn’t sit idly by, even though they realized how difficult it is for people to change. They brought their community together and Cool the Earth was born to take Bay Area global warming and environmental education to the K-8 schools, where kids become inspired to make a real difference.

Now every cool parent has the opportunity to bring Cool the Earth to their child’s school. You don’t need any teaching experience or climate change credentials to make this ready-to-run program work. All you need is a team of parent volunteers who love the energy of working with kids as much as you do. From there, Cool the Earth provides the materials and the fun.

It starts with a kick-off assembly, where parents, teachers, and kids can put their acting hats on, wearing Cool the Earth costumes and acting out earth-saving scenarios. On assembly day, students will receive Action Coupons, earning Cool the Earth trading cards for energy-saving actions they take with their families throughout the year. The program also entails monthly campus activities highlighting that require a total of 6-8 combined volunteer hours. To get involved, enroll through the Cool the Earth website.

—Renee M. Rutledge