Inside SOMA’s New Brazilian Steakhouse

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White table cloths, a steakhouse atmosphere and a posh cocktail bar aren’t exactly your vision of a family night out. But, Fogo de Chão, a new Brazilian steakhouse in SOMA, is set to change your expectations for the better. Read on to find out why this modern outpost that’s serving up gaucho-style eats will soon become your new family date night spot.

Come Hungry
For those who sing the praises of dim sum for its instant gratification for hangry children will fall head over heels for Fogo de Chão since its style is similar in nature (read: you won’t wait long for food). The minute you sit down you’re handed a card with green on one side and red on the other. When you want your food simply put the green side up (it means go!) and the servers (they double as chefs) shuffle up with a skewer laden with meat. The chefs explain what type of meat they’re dishing out and cut a piece directly onto your plate. When you’re full or just need a break turn your card over to red to indicate stop.
The Catch-All

photo: Modern Twist

Choices, Choices, Choices! 
On any given night the chefs rotate 18 varieties of meat throughout the restaurant. Choose from lamb, chicken and pork and fire-roasted beef cuts. On each skewer you can even choose how well done or not you want your piece of meat. For a look at how everything is roasted be sure to take a walk by the kitchen where you’ll marvel at the dozens of skewers cooking and warming at any given time.

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Photo: Alan Weiner

Meat Not Your Thing?
It’s a Brazilian steakhouse so meat is the prime menu item, but if your kids are picky eaters or you have a vegetarian in the family, there are plenty of options. The restaurant’s Market Table (think of it as the best salad bar you’ve ever seen) is rife with goods like cheese, fruits, a selection of salads, charcuterie and more. Head up there as often as you like in between your meat dishes or dine on the Market Table only for a lower price. You can’t go wrong either way.

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Photo: Alan Weiner

The Details
We suggest dining with your family during the restaurant’s lunchtime hours or during the first dinner seating, which is 4 p.m. on Saturdays or 3 p.m. on Sundays.

The full experience including the Market Table for lunch is $36.95 for adults and dinner will run you $59.95 for each adult. For any meal lunch or dinner, kids six years old and under are complimentary with children seven to 12 years old half price.

Fogo de Chão
201 3rd Street, Ste. 100
San Francisco, Ca

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–Erin Lem